Peavey Bandit 112 Silver Stripe

Captured some amp profiles of the the Peavy Bandit 112 Silver Stripe. 2 Clean sounds, and 2 gainy (crunchy and gainy) sounds.

These are captures of the amp signal. So when running these, you need to run a Cabinet after it:
Peacy Bandit Clean AMP_LSTM-12.json (31.9 KB)
Peavy Bandit Crunchy AMP_LSTM-16.json (53.9 KB)
Peavy Bandit Clean2 AMP_LSTM-12.json (32.0 KB)
Peavy Bandit Gainy AMP_LSTM-16.json (53.9 KB)

These are the captures with the cabinet mic’d. So when using these models you don’t need to use a cabinet after that.
Peavy Bandit Clean MIC_LSTM-16.json (53.9 KB)
Peavy Bandit Crunchy MIC_LSTM-16.json (53.8 KB)
Peavy Bandit Clean2 MIC_LSTM-16.json (53.7 KB)
Peavy Bandit Gainy MIC_LSTM-16.json (53.7 KB)

If you’re interested on how we captured and trained these models, this is for you.