Noise Reduction plugin is required

Hi all!

Only a few days with my new mod dwarf, loving and hating at the same rate xD

The device is incredible and the possibilites are endless but I am struggling with the noise… Not the usual gound loop noise or cable noise or digital noise…

My problem is with the classic amp+distortion (heavy metal sound) noise. I own a lot of pedals and multieffects and what we have with the mod dwarf is not enough.

The mod dwarf has a noise gate that only supports a threshold, and below the limit, it just cut the sound. This is not the best solution.

We need a noise reduction plugin. BiasFX has a very impressive noise reducer plugin, that allows you to choose between mute and reducer. The reducer works impressively well. Reducing the noise without muting the signal. It reduces the noise even while you are playing! With the dwarf, once you are playing, all the background noise is there. Try it to see what I mean.

Is something similar under development?



Can you maybe share a pedalboard with recording so we better know what you mean?

Hi! I have been trying to upload a pedalboard but it is always stuck on “Uploading… please wait”.

This is what I mean: Noise gate vs. Noise reduction: Difference & When To Use Each?

Mod Dwarf has a noise gate but no a noise reduction, which is much better for some use cases as hard and metal distortions.


I have just found that the expander plugins do just this… why nobody told me? :smiley:

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That is why we have the forum :slight_smile:

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Yeah I was just kidding. Thanks all!