New Blogpost: AIDA-X modeling best practices

Hi guys,

Thanks to your support (including the crew) I was able to do a little write-up of all that I have learned so far about modeling amps and pedals.

It works as a next step for the articles that were already produced. My introduction links the existing articles in an “order to read” to grow into the whole modeling thing :wink:

By any means, if you have useful feedback, spot errors, some info became obsolote or changed,… let me know as I will gladly keep this article up to date.

It took a while to eventually publish it due to vacation periods and such but I’m still very much fascinated by the different sorts of workflows and approaches.

With new plugins going into beta and production regularly it isn’t always easy to have a durable but up-to-date set of recommendations for performant plugin combo’s.

We now have the luxury to combine amp sims with trained models. We have different ways to include cabs and reverb. We have EQ’s, filters and many guitarists might not even know the difference. On top of that, we have utilities that make our “work” easier or even free up some processor power. Consider this article my little contribution to offer along the learning curve of people coming in. Painting that curve into a journal like story always has been the idea behind my “Journal” thread as well