MOD X as a MIDI sequencer for Digitech Whammy DT

Hi Community,

probably many of you have/had Digitech Whammy. It can be changed to sequencer using Evenmidi Pitchy. I have Whammy DT and Pitchy but it is really tricky to program sequences with pitchy. I thought that maybe there is a way to use MOD X sequencer and use it with Whammy. I am not sure if it is possible but can somebody help me to program whammy with MOD?


I think it’s totally possible.
I don’t have a Digitech Whammy currently, but I played a bit with MIDI on it and if I remember well it uses CC messages.
So you simply need to connect the sequencer to a MIDI Note to CC plugin and then to the MIDI output.
Something like this:

I hope it helps

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Thanks, it is very helpfull.
Is there a way you could give me an acces to GUI ( - it seems it does not work (all servers are full?)

I think @falkTX will be the guy able to help you on this :wink:

I restarted the needed services so there are free instances again.
Now I setup a task for myself to not forget to do this automatically in a script. It shouldn’t be needed, but there is a hard-to-track-down bug that makes some instances stick forever… :frowning:
The auto-restart will work for now until we dedicate time for this again.

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Can you explain me how can I lets say send CC11 with 127 value while sending Note 40?
I am a freshman if it comes to midi.

I seem to remember that the value is set by the velocity of the step, that you can edit in the seq plugin options.

I might be mistaken though…

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I’ve been looking into controlling my Whammy DT via midi.
Here is the link to the manual. The midi stuff starts on page 10.
CC is used for the pedal position and Program Changes are used for what mode you are using for whammy or DT side and if it’s on or off.

As soon as I can find my 1/8” to Midi dongle I will be playing with this.


Could you make an example pedalboard with this? It would help understand how I should proceed with this.
Thank you for your help!

I’m trying to get mine working…

I am using Mindi to send signals but my Whammy DT isn’t doing anything…

Is there a setting that needs to be changed to make the Midi work?

I’m having trouble getting it to work with the Dwarf.
I pulled out my Duo and it works fine. Can’t get it to work on the Dwarf.

Does the 1/8” midi have limitations that affect the way this works?
Do I need to go with a USB to Midi connector?

the 1/8" midi dongle needs to be Type A, I believe. I recently returned a set that was wired as neither A nor B. I’m unsure if the Dwarf works with Type B, as it is less common on more recent equipment (so I read).


I didn’t know there were different ways this dongle can be wired…
I ordered a couple from amazon and it says they are type A. I should have them in a couple of days.
The ones I have are from my Novation Circuit and I just checked on Amazon. Anything showing for Novation Circuit says type B…
I wish I knew about this before… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I had the same experience! I wish I had known before buying the adapters, too!

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I’ve spent some time on the topic and I found that the easies way (to me) of making midi seq for whammy DT is to use midi sequencer > Midi to CV > Mindi > MIdi out.
Sequencer sends Midi from 1 to 127, then it is converted to CV, then CV controls PC number of Mindi. It is really easy way to controll a whammy. Since Sequencer lets to save user presets it is possible to make some sequences and save them, so you do not have to create them all the time, but can load them using knob or button in MOD.
Next step would be to make sequences with glide, I have some ideas on that so when it is finished I will put some notes about creating it.


@Lukasz, I’m happy that you found the solution!
Sorry that I didn’t share a pedalboard with you first. I had this thread open to create and send you one, but I guess with the help of @Skydiver and @malfunction54 you went there faster!
Thank you a lot guys (this is what makes me proud on this community! :slight_smile: )

@Lukasz and @Skydiver go ahead and share those pedalboards. With internal or external Whammy this is actually a pretty cool use-case for the MOD platform

P.S.: yeah @Skydiver be careful with the TRS adaptors that you get…especially from Amazon. They may state that they are type-A, but in fact they are not

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ok I got it working on Whammy DT without Mindi.

The test sequence is dreadfull but just working on what notes give me cc values.

G9 IS 127 and C -1 is 0


I’d love to try it out :smiley:

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ok dumb ass morning!

just open up editor on the sequencer and you can set the 0 - 127 rather than try and guess the note!

Face plant!

…and yes sounds like Primus playing southpark theme.

Be interesting if we can post a few sequences that are a bit more erm musical and share the love.