MOD Reboot Fundraise - Live status and interest form

Dear users

The fundraiser for the reboot is ongoing and entering its final hours.

We need to reach 200k€ and the sum of received commitments is displayed in this dashboard below:

FundRace commitment monitor

There are two counters because the first step of pledging for the investment is automated and the second step of digitally signing the Letter of Commitment is manual.

If you consider joining the fundraiser, you can fill in your name and email in the following form and we will forward you the investment-related information so that you can consider if you´d like to participate.

Click here to receive the investment-related information of the MOD Reboot

EDIT - We have until today, Thursday 15.09.2022, 23:59 PST, to reach the required 200k€.

EDIT - As I edit this post, we have summed up 157.700€


If we confirmed the letter the first time, do we need to do anything, or is the pledge carried over automatically?

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If you already confirmed it is not needed to do anything and it is already accounted for.


What if we want to extend our original pledge? Do we have to fill in a second time, with a new Letter of Commitment?


No. In that case send a message directly to me.


So the current pledged funding went up quite a bit, but there is still a gap.

Go, MOD, go!
(And please chime in a bit if you can!)


I wanted to invest, but came to this reboot late due to work pressures. I filled in the form earlier but have not received the investor pack and there is only 7 hours left :frowning: Is there any chance of extending the deadline a bit? It feels slightly rushed to me, and would be a great shame if we narrowly missed the target only due to needing an extra 24 hours or so.


I would be interested too to know more so I have filled up the form. I hope there is still some time.
What you have done guys so far is remarkable and the dwarf is an awesome device. I remember the first time you presented the idea of the project MOD at a LAC (I don’t even remember the year!). You totally deserve to stay in the game!


Same… I tried to fill the form in order to make (actually a little symbolic) investment but I didn’t received no investment kit…

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Here’s hoping the Google counter is not a live number… not looking good without a deus ex machina.

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Good morning everyone.

The commitments have reached 188k€, which is really amazing and close to our target.

We are pushing to the afternoon the follow-ups that we owed for today so that we gain a bit of time to collect the remaining amount.

I have sent emails to everyone that filed the request form and a last batch of messages has been sent. If anyone here has questions before making a decision, please reach out directly to me.

We are adding this bit of extra hours to the counter.

Not the time to give up now as we are almost there!

Best wishes


So tantalisingly close…

I pledged (a small amount) yesterday, but didn’t receive any LoC to sign yet. Or did I miss something? I’m supposed to receive a mail about that, right?

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I’ve just sent it @the_unlord

:+1: Got it and signed it!

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@gianfranco I sent an email to update my pledge after the video call on Tuesday. Did you get that?

Being this close to the final target I’d suggest, if we don’t make it to the total target amount, to ask for a unanimous decision from all the investors involved whether they will still allow the reboot to happen. Given that we are so incredibly close.


Hi everyone

A quick update.

1 - We reached 192.832€ putting us very near the target, but not there yet. The number represents something very positive in any case and we feel confident we will reach the goal.

2 - With this current number, we could advance a bit on some of the fronts that we are tackling and gain a bit of time to fill the full 200k.

It is not “we did it” nor “we failed it”. It just stretched a bit on the schedule before the final conclusion.

Overall it looks very positive :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’ve just checked the forum and am late to what is going on. So this fundraise option is now closed? I went to the form and didn’t see any information on how much would/could be submitted.

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The fundraiser stays open for the community until further notice, also after we founded the new entity. Though reaching the 200k is important for the initial GO. It’s 5 past 12 but we are in touch with key stakeholders.