MOD Reboot Fundraise - Live status and interest form

If you’d like to contribute, the link above should take you there.

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That link takes me to a basic form. I don’t see information about $$$ amount. I can possibly contribute, but is there a minimum, etc? Perhaps this was all covered on some other thread?

Officially, an invest was supposed to be 400 EUR or a multiple thereof.
The current status shows some odd numbers, so I guess some people have pledged arbitrary numbers though…

Once you fill in that first form with your offered amount, it will already show in the funding monitor. @gianfranco will then send you an email with additional information (which might take a couple of hours, though) and this will finally lead to you (hopefully) electronically signing a letter of commitment (LoC) which will then show on the second scale in the dashboard.

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you’ll receive it when you fill the form.

I’ve read 500€.

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The 500 EUR were for the original funding plan trying to reach 300K EUR. The 400 EUR are the adjusted minimum pledge based on a targeted 400K EUR valuation of the new company. Can’t find the reference right now, unfortunately.

But pledging 2000 EUR should cover both variants :wink:


Very glad the decision is made to move forward. Everything is already set up to hit the ground running and there is quite a hill to climb the coming months/years.

Lets try to get as much of a head start on this as we can!
(who knows if any more lockdowns will come lurking around the corner …)


When I wrote 400, the form returned an error saying the amount had to be greater than 400 (perhaps it was set for the old threshold)? I then placed 500.


Nearly there then - @gianfranco how many kidneys do you have left? I can’t afford to invest unfortunately, but if UPS agree to shipping body parts and you can find a buyer, I’ll stretch to covering the postage for you :wink:


I work for UPS, we do indeed ship biological materials. Once had a cow head blow out of a box on the belt, which was not my favorite day.

It needs to be shipped under hazmat identifier 6 for biological substances, and id recommend dry ice to maintain temp.

For the body part removal, I’d check for seedy veterinarian that has loose ethics and morals.

God speed.


You know way too much about that elk!

Second part more than the first ; )




Good afternoon everyone

Just quickly pinging here to let you know that the total pledged amount has just crossed the 200k€ line :slight_smile:

Wish you all a great Sunday!


That’s fantastic news!


Yay! Well done, @gianfranco and @friedsilence and the whole crowd of micro investors!

Let’s make sure that all pledges are also signed and committed.

And I guess then everybody would sure love to hear about next steps (and how long those might take, especially wrt. things important for most people like the Pedalboard site, the plugin store and the downloads)


absolutely! congratulations to all involved! there’s a lot of energy behind this thing, from @gianfranco and the MOD team, the investors, and the community… excited to see the next steps!

…and, yes, as i’m building pedalboards for shows next week, my brain now suddenly goes, “oh, but wait!.. there’s that plugin over there in the store”… like in The Olden Days. :rofl: …but i’ll try not to jump ahead of reality toooooo much… all in good time!


Congratulations, it would also nice to know how the process of paying the 150€ is going to be.
Are we croudfunding tier 2 and 3 people informed via mail or something


There is some administrative work that we will start already tomorrow in order to get things rolling.

With all going as planned, from Tuesday onwards we will contact the investors for the signature of the contracts and shoot the survey for the backers.


Really great news! Congratulations and may this be the beginning of an era of prosperity and further innovation!


Congrats from my side as well! I wish all the best!