Mod Duo X displays flickering since Release 1.10

The only thing I can say for sure is that every patch that contains the Gaffa Tape Delay will flicker.

But I cannot imagine that there is a connection.

It doesn’t really bother me either.

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I have the same thing, I think more flickering happens when I adjust gain and yes, most of it occurs between 0 and 25%

Incidentally, the flicker has not occurred since I started using a different power supply.

Just for your information.

You should really think about whether you shouldn’t include a different power supply. That seems to cause a lot of problems.

The overall noise has now also decreased to a tolerable level that I can work with. In between I was a little desperate because I really like the MDX, but the noise bothered me a lot.

I’m pretty happy now.

For those who are interested: I now have a “LEICKE power supply 60W 12V 5A”.


We are trying to figure out the best way to solve this issue. We are aware of some of the things that you mentioned, the problem is that changing the power supply would require different certifications and tests that the results may not be compilant with all the countries rules.

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I have this sometimes as well. I had my DUO X already with 1.10 update so I cannot tell if it is linked to an update. It flickers the same way between 0 and 25% of knob position.
It does not do it all the time, and does not seem linked to the USB connection.
In the test I did just now, there was no flicker during the few minutes after powering the device, then the flickering appeared with no apparent reason.
It seems linked to the brightness : when set at 100%, there is no flickering, when set at 25%, there is flickering.

I recommend you to update to the lastest RC2, because this bug has been fixed there.



My MOD DUO X has a Dim Screen that flickers and the values and parameters after the decimal points climb and fall and do not remain steady, i have tried the updates but its still the same i even tried the workaround for the bug fix and its still the same.

The screen goes bright when its says updating controller and everything looks as if first did when i bought it but once the update is complete the screen only looks about 50% bright even on 100% and it flickers and the values are unstable again?

Not sure what else i can try?

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 16.59.31

Deciding to get rid of it, its always been unstable, Quad Cotrex is my next stop

Not happy and the abrupt response was uncalled for


Pete Nichols

Did this happened after some release?

So sad, my unit started having this flicker issue after a recent update. I’ve tried different power supplies, even ordered the one that was listed in the wiki and I am still having the issue.

I’m currently using the latest version and

Help, it’s really annoying.

The key thing I noticed is that the default brightness is lower than it was before. When it flickers, the flickering is at the higher brightness.

The brightness difference between 75% and 100% is almost none. So the display is now dimmer than it used to be. Any advice? Help?

I can provide videos or images if necessary.

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I’m sorry to learn that you are facing issues with your MOD DuoX.

I suggest you to write to Please add the serial number of your device and a video of the issue may also help.

Before that I would also suggest you to downgrade for a version where you didn’t have the issue and let us know if the issue is also there - otherwise it may be a bug of the newest release.


Thanks Jon, I’ve emailed support. I created a video with the issue. It’s the same issue Sorkycat describes. When the device is updating it goes to full brightness (giving you hope), then once the update completes it goes dim and the flicker is just horrendous.

I have a video of the update process and the flicker for reference. I added this and my serial number to my support request. Hope we can nail this bug, love my duo X.


Hello @marcomixtle,
Thank you for the nice words and I’m sorry to learn that you are facing issues with your beloved MOD DuoX.
Thanks for the email as well, I already saw that we received a request that seems to come from you. I will try to answer it later today.

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I’m also having a flickering issue with my brand new MOD Dwarf. It flickers approximately every 3.5 seconds. Is this something that can be addressed or do I have a faulty unit? I had thought in this day and age, flickers of this nature would not be an issue.


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You may have a faulty unit, indeed.
What OS version are you running on your MOD Dwarf?

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I updated the firmware as soon as I got it through the browser.

It is also very distorted, even with a straight pass through and now it’s making a bunch of weird noises with no input signal. It also has the computer processor sound, at least through the headphone output.

Something is definitely very wrong! I’ve tried to get in touch with the dealer, but they have not responded.

Thanks for your help. I feel like I’m on the edge of discovering great things!


The behavior that you are describing makes me really feel that something is really wrong with the power that is arriving in the device.
Have you written to already?
I will be most likely the one answering you, but it helps us keep the issues like this mapped.
If you didn’t please do and add your device serial number and a video of the behavior.


I sent you a video, although my phone seems to have smoothed out a bunch of the flickering. It also caught the noise that the box is making. The vendor has sent me a shipping label for an exchange, so I will be sending it out shortly.

Thanks for your help!


Actually, I might make another video demonstrating the distortion, if I have time.


Please let me know if the video made it through.

It’s common, but I believe if the issue is totally out of normal we will be able to notice it still.

That is cool, so we understand if it’s a more common ground loop issue or something else.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sure, I will be jumping into support tickets in a moment. Let’s keep the conversation then there to not hijack this thread :slight_smile: