Mod Duo X displays flickering since Release 1.10

The behavior that you are describing makes me really feel that something is really wrong with the power that is arriving in the device.
Have you written to already?
I will be most likely the one answering you, but it helps us keep the issues like this mapped.
If you didn’t please do and add your device serial number and a video of the behavior.


I sent you a video, although my phone seems to have smoothed out a bunch of the flickering. It also caught the noise that the box is making. The vendor has sent me a shipping label for an exchange, so I will be sending it out shortly.

Thanks for your help!


Actually, I might make another video demonstrating the distortion, if I have time.


Please let me know if the video made it through.

It’s common, but I believe if the issue is totally out of normal we will be able to notice it still.

That is cool, so we understand if it’s a more common ground loop issue or something else.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sure, I will be jumping into support tickets in a moment. Let’s keep the conversation then there to not hijack this thread :slight_smile:


Hi all!
Have had the same issu for a while and today the screen light died utterly. I can see the screens but there is no back light…
Mod Duo X 1.1162908.


I would suggest you try to install an older OS version just to be sure if the issue is in fact caused by the OS version of the device (I doubt it, but just to put that aside).
If it doesn’t fix the issue, please reach out to