MOD - Convolution Reverb

Hi everyone.
This is a IR-based convolution reverb with all files built-in.
It is similar to the “MOD Convolution Loader” we published a few days ago which allows to load your own files.

The MOD Convolution Reverb brings easy to use, very high fidelity impulse response based reverbs to the MOD platform.
Simply select the reverb file, set the levels, optionally filter out some low end with the built-in high pass filter, and off you go.

The first 18 files were provided by DoGood Sound, they cover a broad range of reverbs;
from real to synthetic, from small to big and from conventional to unique, this collection is a must-try for all fans of reverb.

The last 15 files are provided by @friedsilence, these reverbs were created with his favorite hardware reverb processor.

There is a Trails switch in the advanced settings;
when enabled the reverb tail peacefully decays when you bypass the plugin, disable it and the tail will immediately disappear when bypassed.

Feedback and testing is very much welcome!


thanks a lot for all these convolution-based things! in my production work, i use convolution reverbs all the time, with self-designed impulse responses. so, i’m eager to check out how all that translates to the MOD world…

hahaha: my first attempt was on my Duo… in a fairly minimal board (running usually at about 55% CPU), the CPU pinned immediately at 100%. :stuck_out_tongue:

not a surprise, really!

…i’ll test on my Duo X sometime next week…


Coz I’m lazy :grin: I’d really love just a single Mix/Balance Control for the dry/wet on the surface with the individual dry/wet controls available under the hood, as it were.


really good idea to make preloaded convoler!


I agree! I believe this scratches the itch of having a good sounding spring reverb out-of-the-box.


really like that too.


A little update. We found that when scrolling through the list of IRs very quickly (easy to do when the list is mapped to a hardware knob), there is a chance of it locking up the system due to too many RT threads competing for resources and starving the system.

Now with 0.1-2 update, there is a small amount of time before the last IR is unloaded and the next one begins processing audio, which solves the issue.


Very nice addition to the MOD! Spring reverbs!

Compared to the x42 convolver, sound similar but being able to change the IR in the device without need to create presets is easier and the trail option is nice.

On the downside, just DSP load seems higher, but maybe it can be optimízed (maybe with the new toolchain?? )


CPU is more visible in the new plugin compared to x42 because part of the convolution is done during realtime, unlike x42 variant where everything is on background threads.
It is expected that CPU load will show a higher value.

The actual CPU usage with backgrounds threads of one plugin vs the other is quite complex to calculate…


Ok, thanks for the insight… So I will correct previus post.

I tend to think that when CPU, shown in the web, is closer to 100% there are more xruns… but it is just a feeling not technical knowledge. So just for curiosity are background threads safer to avoid xruns?

and anyway, thanks a lot for this plugin :slight_smile:

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that would be a correct assessment.
though due to the system giving priority to audio over anything else, getting consistent 90% can be dangerous.
Dwarf has 4 cpu cores, so 4 parallel lines of processing maxing out the cpu could make it so there is very little cpu time for anything else.

not really, it is mostly as a way to spread out the processing over multiple cores.

most plugins dont do this, as they do not really need to. IR convolvers tend to use extra threads because the computations can take quite of a lot of cpu, and since it is reverb we are mostly okay with it having a tiny bit extra latency if it means we get to run big IRs.


This plugin is great. There are so many things you can do with IR. Thanks!

I’ve been using the tomscii ir plugin quite a lot in Ardour. It features some more controls like lenght, stretch and envelope. I used them a lot. One could off course modify the ir sample to achieve the same result, but these controls can be very useful. Just saying :slight_smile:


Plugin has been moved to stable!


I’m trying this fantastic convolution reverb since 1 week and I find that it creates a lot of instability in CPU usage until finally the CPU rise to 100%.
I’ ve the same result with my mod duo x and my dwarf, both have the last updte and all plugin are up to date.
Is this reverb known to be unstable? For me it’s unusable and I regret it it looked good.

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Maybe @falkTX can answer me.
I’ve been trying to figure out why this fantastic convolution reverb is bringing my duo x mod and the dwarf to its knees. Indeed both are used at 50% and as soon as I add a reverb the use increases to 80 or even 90%. Which makes it impossible to use since there are clicks as soon as I activate another resource-intensive effect.
I noticed that in fact everything depends on the IR that is used.
A small room IR for example will take 20% CPU, a longer one will take 30% minimum.
So my question is, is this usage percentage normal? Have other users seen the same problem? Thanks.

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The IRs play indeed an important role in the CPU consumption of the plugin.
Can you share your pedalboard and eventually the IR with us?


the main issue is with my mod duo x. I’l share the pedalboard for mod duo x.


Hello @jon, thanks for your help.
In fact my problem is complicated to reproduce because it happens over time.
After spending a lot of time trying to figure out what’s going on, I finally got it. The more time passes, the more my pedalboard takes up CPU resources.
At the opening it uses 55%. After 2 hours of use, 75%.
Then, no matter how I do what I want, there remains a minimum of 75% use with large peaks at 95%.
As soon as I activate the slightest effect, it is close to 100% and clicks appear. Even if I reopen the pedalboard.
I have to restart the Mod Duo X to regain normal CPU usage, around 55%, but soon after it starts again.
The problem is that the same thing doesn’t happens with all my pedalboards that use the convolution reverb, but only with complex one.
I never had this problem before using this reverb and I have no problems with another identical pedalboard that just uses another reverb than this one.
Here is a link to the pedalboard in question.


Hi @Julien,
Just an idea : have you tried to plug the reverb in parallel of the other effects to send a dry sound to it instead of the whole processed signal ? It will obviously change the final tone but you may like it.

I also see that you use Calf delay which is in beta state. Maybe it’s not optimized.


I never tried the reverb in parallel. I will try but not with the convolution reverb because it is not advisable to put it in parallel.
The use of Calf Delay is quite recent. Before I used Gaffa Delay and Bollie Delay to have more choice in delays but the Gaffa Delay caused peaks in CPU usage. It’s much more stable with the Calf Delay which covers all the colors of delay I like.
Do you think that its use with the convolution reverb can create this instability?
Do you have a Mod Duo X to try out this pedalboard? I would love to hear stability feedback from other users.

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