MOD - Auto Input Selector / Auto Output Selector

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce two new plugins specifically for the MOD Dwarf: the Auto Input Selector and Auto Output Selector.

The MOD Auto Input Selector is a plugin that detects which hardware inputs have a cable plugged in.
It then uses that information to automatically route the corresponding plugin inputs to a stereo output pair and a mono output.

This allows you to make pedalboards that works with both mono and stereo input signals without needing to add an addressing to set this up.

The MOD Auto Output Selector is a plugin that detects which hardware outputs have a cable plugged in.
It then uses that information to automatically route the plugin inputs to the plugin outputs corresponding with the connected hardware output(s).

This allows you to for example make a pedalboard with a stereo delay, and have it work in stereo when connecting both audio outputs, and automatically sum the signals when connected in mono.

Hope this comes in handy! They will for sure come in handy for the next factory pedalboards update :slight_smile:


Perfect !!!


These 2 plugins are a great idea.

I have tested the Auto Output Selector and it does the job but maybe a little too well, meaning that if you use headphones without anything plugged in the 2 outputs, there’s no signal. You can still turn off the plugin but you loose a bit of that “auto” principle. In my opinion, it’s the kind of plugin you want to put in every pedalboard and never have to think about.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to bypass it when neither of both outputs are used ?


Thanks for the feedback, and oops :slight_smile:

We will go for your suggested solution, and make the signal pass through when neither of the main outputs are used.


Don’t worry. I’m glad I could help and I’m very pleased that it’s so easy to interact with you guys. A single post in a forum and you quickly and humbly agree to improve a plugin. Really cool. :wink:


I might have misunderstod what these plugins do, but wouldn’t they be useful for Duo X as well?

Is the Duo X hardware able to detect if something is plugged in to the inputs/outputs?


I’m jumping in here without knowing much more than knowing about it a day or two before release and giving feedback on the UI, but I believe that it is and if they are not available yet, I guess they will be soon.
(@falkTX maybe now you will need to correct me or confirm me :slight_smile: )

@patchbae and @jon, although I agree that they would also be useful on the Duo X, it is unfortunately not possible to make them work there, because the Duo X doesn’t have the capability to detect whether a jack is plugged in. Sorry :frowning:


Thanks for correcting me @jesse :slightly_smiling_face:
As I told you @patchbae maybe someone would appear here to say that I was wrong :sweat_smile:
Sorry if I misled you with my e spontaneous reply


Hey there,

Along the same lines; say we have one amp, and so we only plug to one output, then great, we have the sum of the stereo signal going out that way.

But then we want to retain the stereo through the headphones out, you agree?


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I thought about that too but I assumed the Dwarf could not detect if headphones were plugged in. I might be wrong.
That said, it may be possible to always output the stereo signal to the headphones, no matter what’s plugged in the outputs. That would also solve the issue I mentioned.

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Yes, exactly.

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this is not possible, headphone line goes after the analog ouput circuitry.
it is the same signal sent to analog outs and headphones

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Thanks @falkTX. The situation is clearer now. Let me summarize what the plugin does to the headphones right now :

  • one analog output in use : signal in one ear
  • 2 analog outputs in use : signal in both ears
  • no analog output used : no signal

So I guess that, as discussed with @jesse, the only thing that can be improved is the 3rd point, by bypassing the plugin when no analog output is used.


Just updated the plugin, it will bypass the signal when no analog outputs are in use, same as if both were connected.
That should help the case of using headphones


This is good news. Thanks @falkTX. This will allow the plugin to cover more situations without the need to assign “on/off” to a control. Looks like a must-have in every pedalboard. Is it planned to put it by default in a new pedalboard instead of the Stereo X-Fade ?


Yes, first starting with the reverb pedalboard collection as a test, then spreading to all others if no issues found.


Are you sure the change has been entered (actual versione 1.0-6)? Even though I have updated the out plugin, the headphone output doesn’t work if I don’t have a phisical cables connected to the out. I have a simple audio file player connected to the Dwarf output but if I don’t connect a cable to one of the physical outputs I have no audio in the headphones, or I have to disconnect the plugin’s virtual cables and connect the player directly to the outputs.

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Yes…? The change was done in Make output pass through audio if disconnected · moddevices/mod-dwarf-jack-detector@711d07b · GitHub
Then I updated the screenshot and status-report-image to indicate default state
Just tried removing and installing the plugin again, and it behaves as expected.

The thing I see I forgot was updating the thumbnail

Do you see this state of the gui when no analog outs are connected?



Yes this is the thumbnail…and removing and installing solves the original priblem, but now there is another problem (if it’s a problem) and it is a little bit more complicate.
Immagine a line of plugins, at the beginning there is your input selector with NO cable connected at the physical input.
Last plugin is connected to the out selector, NO physical cable is connected to the out.
If I connect a file player to the out selector there is no audio in the headphone.
If I disconnect from the out selector the last plugin (so only audio player is connected) I have audio in the headphone