MOD Arpeggiator

I just found in the repository a reference to a MOD Arpeggiator plugin.

Though T can’t find it in the plugin store.

how can I install it in the Duo?

You can’t, not yet.
@BramGiesen is working on it, likely coming to the store soon.

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Great news, really.


@Tarrasque73, the plugin is finished but we still need to to take final steps. The expected release is somewhere within the next couple of weeks.


Even more great news. thak you very much.


Was just looking in the store for something like this today. Any update on release date?

Coming very soon, we are doing the final testing and bug-fixing.


Well I successfully built it from the source but failed miserably at pushing to my Duo so… I will resort to begging and pleading for it again here! Pretty please!

Hi @bleo, sorry for the long wait. It all took a bit longer because we found that there were some changes needed after testing. However, I finished implementing the changes last week and the plugin is ready now. I expect it to be released next week on the 17th.


Hahaha that’s my birthday! Perfect timing! Thank you!

@bleo I hope you had a good birthday!

So the 17th turned out to be a little optimistic, but the arpeggiator can now be downloaded from the plugin shop!


Thank you @BramGiesen! I’ve been keeping an eye out in the store and finally saw it in there yesterday! It’s amazing!




Wonderful, thanks! I’ll try it ASAP!

Perfect, thanks so much @BramGiesen

It’s such a nice plugin! Thanks!

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

Thanks! Can’t wait to try it!

Hi, I have been using the arpeggiator with the Mod Duo X but something is really missing for me. There is no way to use the knobs on the device to control the division or the octave parameters instead I have to use buttons which is not really convenient. Any particular reason why is that ?

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I can totally understand your need.
This is not possible (at least yet) because those parameters are “list-type parameters”, which are currently not supported on knobs.
We do intend to add support for addressing list-type parameters with a limited amount of steps to knobs in the future