MOD Arpeggiator

you sure about this? works fine on the dwarf at least…

I guess @Domicidre is using a MOD DuoX (actually he didn’t write it here, but I have the feeling that I read him writing it somewhere else).
@Domicidre can you confirm that?

He says he is using MDX in his post.

I can confirm that the arpeggiator works fine on the dwarf, haven’t had time to sit down with the MDX to play yet :frowning:

Yes I’m using a Mod Duo X. Arp is working fine but it’s the list parameter as João Saïd that makes it impossible to use with the knobs on the device.

Yet it works fine if you map it to the endless knobs and that works fine. Right?

Yes that seems to work fine. It’s definitely a solution but being able to assign it to the knobs would be easier for me in terms of workflow. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Request noted :wink:

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