Minor issue with tuner display on Dwarf


A very minor issue with the tuner function on the Mod Dwarf.

When in tuner mode, if you play your guitar (or bass in my case) for a little while, the note area of the display will freeze.

When this happens, everything else still works (mute, change to 2nd input, etc…) but the display stays frozen.

I noticed this occurring 3 times in a 2 hours span. Unfortunately, I could not determine the exact amount of time it takes for the display to freeze but it is no more than a few minutes.

How to reproduce

  1. Go into tuner mode
  2. Play for a while

Expected/suggested solution

Getting out of the tuner mode and going back seems remove the condition until it freezes again.

To be investigated by the Mod team.

Additional information

  • Release: V1.11.0.2591
  • Operating system: (Mac Catalina)
  • Web Browser: (Safari, Chrome)
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Thanks for reporting.
We will check it out.


This was not fixed in the release 1.11.2 from Feb. 11th 2022.

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