Midi via USB A not working

Hi all,

First of all I’m sorry if I can’t find myself the solution to my problem on the device or here in the forum.
I can’t make MIDI work properly via USB A.
My rig is MC6 controller → TRS cable → Poly Beebo → USB A cable → MOD Dwarf.
This MIDI rig works if I use TRS cable between Beebo and Dwarf but doesn’t work with a USB A cable.

Even if I connect Dwarf before Beebo MIDI messages doesn’t go through USB cable. In this second scenario the rig become: MC6 controller → TRS cable → MOD Dwarf → USB A cable → Poly Beebo.

I already see the Expanding Controller guide but doesn’t change the behavior.

Any trick or tip?



Gave a quick look at the Beebo and I didn’t see anything about it being able to use MIDI over USB, only using its USB port to host a thumb drive for firmware updates and loading IRs. My guess is you’ll have to use the TRS MIDI ports.


Beebo implemented MIDI via USB from firmware 3.2 I think. The actual firmware version is 3.20.
Furthermore I tried MC6 → USB cable → MOD Dwarf and it works.
Sorry if I didn’t specify it in the first post…


If it sends MIDI it should be pretty straightforward. I’m still to find the first MIDI controller that I connect on a MOD device via USB and doesn’t recognize - and I have a few DIY ones.
Does it appear on the list of MIDI ports? Check more here


Thank you for your reply.
I think there is something on my side, as user, that I’m doing wrong.
In the MIDI Ports button there is a generic USB MIDI 1 (in+out) option which I checked.
In order to have Program Change command to work do I have to connect MIDI in and MIDI out in the pedalboard editor? Or is it implicit?
Although I think that in the current configuration

it shouldn’t be a problem because Dwarf is last in MIDI chain…

I could provide some screenshot and also a video if it’s relevant to you, @jon.

No, you need to set it on the device settings. Take a look here and check on the manual of the Beebo if the MIDI channels are numbered from 0 to 15. or from 1 to 16. There is an implementation in both ways. The MOD system works from 1 to 16.

It’s hard because I don’t have a Beebo, but I think the wiki will help you.

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I read it and I set PC PD to 5 and PC snapshot to 6.

I will check it tonight. In case it is 0 to 15 I have to assume that MIDI channel 5 is 4 and 6 is 5 for example? I mean do I have to send a PC message from the MC6 on channel 4 to make it work on 5?



I checked it out. Beebo has MIDI channel numbered in the same way of Dwarf, 1 to 16.
Could it be a cable side problem? It is a USB 2.0 A to A 28AWGX1P+28AWGX2C if it means something to you.
I try to connect MC6 to Dwarf with the dwarf USB (A to B) cable and it works.
But I don’t want this: I would like Dwarf to communicate MIDI with Beebo via USB.


Not really :confused:

This affirmation makes me feel that you are trying to use a simple USB cable as a MIDI interface and that most likely won’t work.


I think your feeling is right: it’s exactly what I want.

Why? Maybe if we understand the reason we could find a solution.
Is there a way to make it work? Better: is there a cable that makes it work?

The point is I’d like Beebo and Dwarf communicate via MIDI in both directions: Beebo to Dwarf and Dwarf to Beebo.
Maybe there is a simpler solution: MC6 MIDI out → TRS cable → Poly Beebo → TRS cable → MOD Dwarf → TRS to 5 DIN cable → MC6 MIDI in. In this way MIDI messages from Beebo to Dwark are quite straightforward and MIDI messages from Dwarf to Beebo are provided going through MC6.
Could it work?

You need to use some sort of MIDI interface, otherwise the data is not being formated and read in the correct way so the host device will simply think that it is “garbage”.
If you try to connect it that way to your computer and load a DAW, most likely the DAW will also not interpret it as MIDI. The host device first needs to know that what it is receiving is MIDI, therefore you need that cable/connection to be done with an interface. The way that you are sending it now, if something pops up is in the format of a serial message, not MIDI.
If you replace that cable with a cheap MIDI interface with 1 input and 1 output, I believe it will work.

EDIT: Something like this will mage the job. If you want to go even more on budget you can even go with these ones. I have a couple of these last ones and they work quite fine, although one of them (at least) I feel that is a bit slower than normal MIDI interfaces.


I’m sorry, but I have one of these MIDI interface (this one), and I’ve already tried but it doesn’t make the job, as pointed out here. I can’t even make it work connecting MC6 to Dwarf (although is not what I want).

I think I’ll try this solution in the next days:

and I’ll let you know.

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This should work on the Dwarf actually - although I never tested this particular one.
I can’t really understand why it shouldn’t work. Can you point on for the sentence on the link that justifies it? Maybe I’m just not getting what you are trying to do.

Keep us posted.


If I understand your question, my point is that I would like to control Dwarf and Beebo with the MC6, but at the same time make Beebo and Dwarf communicate each other their own MIDI messages from Beebo to Dwarf and from Dwarf to Beebo. Till now I have understood that a USB connection is not gonna work in both directions as I hoped, so maybe the solution is what I proposed here:

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Maybe try plugging beebo into pc and monitor what gets outputted from the usb. Maybe use MIDIOX or something similar. If it outputs midi commands fine it should talk to the dwarf. You could also try pinging program change message from a daw to see if it receives OK. If that all checks out check the MIDI sockets on the editor. When I use my zoom it shows up as ZoomUSB so hopefully Beebo does something similar


If I get chance over next day or so will see if I replicate your setup with my helix and nectar Pacer and post back


Thanks @Austin73!
@teo.o70, @Austin73 suggestion is indeed the best. If with the setup that you are trying to do you replace the Dwarf with a computer and load a MIDI monitor you will be able to troubleshoot if the issue is with the Dwarf or before the Dwarf.


OK here are the results so far (ran out of time)

Helix Expression pedal CC to Mod - Yep

Mod sequencer outputting Cc to Helix - Yep

Dwarf PC to Helix - Yep

Helix MIDI pass thru PC to Zoom CDR70 connected to Dwarf - Yes

Helix PC to Dwarf - Nope!

Not sure what’s the problem here but got to go to work. Will check back later to see what I’m missing.


OK nos I’m getting embarrassed.

Still can’t get the dwarf to recognise PC commands from either Helix, Mvave or Pacer. Everything else working perfectly together.

It’s set to the default channel 1 for patches and 2 for snapshots . This is via USB and MIDI port.

Anybody any ideas ?
And yes the pacer etc sending out the right stuff.