MIDI sequencer like NDLR

Hello, I discovered this pedal which looks great. I would like to ask the experts if you think we can create something like:

-A 4-track Midi Sequencer with automatic chords like the
Conductive Labs NDLR

-An audio Delay looper like the
Soma Laboratory COSMOS

I think so, but am not sure?

While there is an Arpeggiator in MOD this is quite a specific sequencer/arpeggiator (that generates chords).

I’ve modified the topic title and moved it to Plugin Requests for clarity.


Hi TeraMangala, I made a plugin with 4 asynchronous delays and some parameters similar to Cosmos. if you put it in front of the Granulator plugin:

you can get pretty close results. If you want to try here is the link:



Thanks, I will try, but I haven’t got the Mod Dwarf Device yet! I am waiting for a Christmas promotion on Thomann! Or looking for a Mod Duo X used, as it seems this one is not produced anymore?

Best regards

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