Getting started using CV for modulating parameters

That’s it, Santa is going to bring me a DWARF.

Can you recommend resources to understand how the CV works?
(I mean the internal CV of the MOD DWARF, to control LFO for example)


I split your topic as it was not related to “MIDI sequencer like NDLR”.

There are many threads on the forum related to this, but perhaps start by reading this wiki page on the subject: CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki


Thanks :kissing_heart:

Hello, In try to make a “random midi arpegiator pedal”. I can randomly change values with a “AMS LFO 2” for knobs, for example “ARPEGIATOR - VELOCITY”:

But can’t use this for list items, for example “ARPEGIATOR - DIVISION”

I have to assign to “DEVICE - KNOB” and to physically press the knob to change the value.
Is there a way to change values in this kind of list without physically pressing something?


I found a solution. As the ON/OFF of the arpeggiator can be controlled with a CV, I connected 2 arpeggiators in parallel with different settings, and I have 2 random lfos on the ON/OFF. Random and surprising effect guaranteed.