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Hy there, I could not find an answer. Thats why I am opening a new thread.

I want to send out MIDI commands, when I am switching snapshots, to switch channels of my Amp1. But nothing happens when I connect the Dwarf with the Amp1.
It seems that the dwarf does not send any MIDI commands out. I can not find anything in the settings.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe use mindi to send out pc changes per snapshot. You’d have to connect mindi to the mod hardware midi out but should work fine. Not with Dwarf at present to test

I connected midi out with the amp1. But nothing happens. When I switch snapshots, the amp1 receives nothing. Is there anything else I should set up?

Use infamous mindi plugin. Connect to hardware midi out. Select each PC to send and save with each snapshot.

Everytime you change snapshot you should see the value change on Mindi and hopefully that is output to the hardware connected to the Dwarf

Mindi does not need an input. Just select what type of message you want to send and connect to output.

Maybe test by adding mindi to Dwarf footswitch so you can test first but I’ve done similar with no problems

I tried. But no succsess.
I have to send PC 1 and PC 2 as commands.
Like shown in the picture.

Hang tight. I’m working today. Unless anybody wants to jump in I will show you when I get home.

It is doable and super easy.

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Mindi’s channel numbers are 0-15 and not 1-16, so the first thing I’d try is to subtract 1 from your channel number.

This post is probably what you need even though it is written about the Duo. Mod Duo switching amp channel using midi (Mindi plugin)


That was the trick. Setting channel to 0. Amp1 channel 1.
Thanks a lot!!


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