Mod Duo switching amp channel using midi (Mindi plugin)


I have just received my pre-ordered Mod Duo X (waiting for a full year paid off… such an incredible device :slight_smile: ) and I am using it in the send/return effects loop of my BluGuitar Amp1.

I would like to switch the amp’s channels using midi program changes (which is possible). The amp is able to use midi learning and it is listening on channel 1.

I have connected the amp’s midi interface to the DIN midi output connector of the Duo X.
On my pedalboard I have chosen the ‘Infamous Mindi’ plugin and connected it to ‘all midi outputs’. According to its specs, Mindi sends a new midi message when the value of a program changes.

But when I put the amp in learning mode, and change the value, it is not learning. I am pretty sure it is not the amp, because I have connected the MDX to another midi device which shows if midi messages are received; and it shows that Mindi just very randomly sends a message, when changing its value or program change parameters.

Am I using the plugin in a wrong way? Or do I maybe have to change some other parameters? Or might it not be compatible with a MD X ?


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mindi was written fairly generally so it sends a message any time one of the controls changes. I’d recommend you set all the mindi controls to the message you want (channel 1, type program change, pg number ?, value isn’t used in a pg message), then set the Amp1 into learning mode. Click the bypass switch on mindi on and off and mindi will send that message and the Amp1 should learn it.

There are quite a few different ways to set it up. Typically if you use pedal board presets then you’ll set mindi to the different pg numbers for each preset. When the preset loads mindi will change to the new pg number and send that to the BluGuitar.

I’m not sure how you are expecting mindi to behave but I tried to make it flexible. Just make sure you set it up before trying to midi learn because it does spray out a bunch of messages while you are changing parameters.

I wish I had an Amp1 to test with. It seems like a pretty sweet piece of gear! :smiley:

EDIT: Also watch out for the midi indexing problem! Most devices label the channels 1-16 but the mindi does it 0-15 so 0==1 sometimes. :confused:


Hi ssj71,

Sorry for the late response.

That last edit did the trick… It reminds my of the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie where the front of the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra read ‘six kadam’ and then sneakily on the back it said ‘but subtract one kadam to honour the Gods’. Because of this the bad guys were digging in the wrong place. :grin:

So… I subtracted 1 and set the Channel to 0 (zero). I selected PG change 1. Then I set the Amp1 to ‘clean’ and then put it in learning mode (by long pressing the Boost button). I activated Mindy and then turned her off again.
I repeated this for Amp1 set to crunch (vintage) mode. Then selected PG change 2 and let Amp1 learn this again.
Now when I have Mindy turned on (oh, yes) … when changing between PG 1 and 2, the amp toggles between clean and vintage.

Now I am going to learn about presets and pedalboards. Thanks!


Hello, excuse me.
I, too, am a fan of Amp1.
I can’t get the CC output in Dwarf to work, PG has no problem. (I am able to use Midi Learn in Amp1.)
I am sending directly to midi out via CC in mindi, but it doesn’t work.
Is there any way to do this?

Parameter Control Change No. (decimal values) Control range
2nd master volume CC 007 up to -10dB
Gain / Clean Volume CC 020 infinitely variable 1 to max.
Power soak* CC 030 0.15 to 2 watts / 7 to 100 watts*
FX loop CC 040 <64 = off / ≥ 64 = on
Reverb CC 050 <64 = off / ≥ 64 = on
Boost CC 060 <64 = off / ≥ 64 = on


For me it has been years since I was working with the Amp1 and the Mindi controller (my message was from 2019).
Did you follow the tips and instructions here above? Also the midi indexing ‘problem’ (subtract 1) ?
I hope you get it working.


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Yes, I tried, but it was impossible.
I do not know why only PC works.
Thank you for your reply.