Midi Looper

To go along with the audio loopers, it would be lovely to have a midi looper. In an ideal world, it would be, specifically, Geert Bevin’s open source Midi Tape Recorder, which is geared toward the linnstrument and similar expressive instruments that generate dense MPE data. Sadly, MTR is only an AUv3 right now, so it’s not a trivial port.


Ah! Everything was looking great until you wrote:

If it was Lv2 it would make things way easier. Are you aware of some similar looper but in Lv2 format?

I’ve done a MIDI Looper, but as well not a LV2 plug but a stand-alone app. It wont be to hard to port it into a LV2 plug.


Ooh, even a basic looper would be great, but having it support MPE would be even better — idk how hard it would be to add that?

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Yeah, I know! I don’t know of anything that’s quite the same, but lemme ping Geert and see if he’d be interested in porting it — he’s pretty friendly to open source stuff, and he’s also the firmware dev for the Linnstrument.


I suggested this once on a thread and Falk was very dismissive, he “could not imagine a use case” that was not already covered. I think it would be great at the least for auditioning sounds\ :sweat_smile:


Roger Linn has also endorsed SurgeXT for Linnstrument users on his website and forum. SurgeXT is now being mad available on the MOD platform as module parts through the Cardinal plugins.

I’m not really interested in it for auditioning — there are some midi generators that work well enough for that — but as a performance tool.


Yeah, I’m curious to dig into MPE synth options as well, but I’ve also got hardware for that; midi looping, however, is a different story.

I totally agree. It would make the Mod stand out. Also in the MPE/synth segment.


Then you should definitely give Cardinal a try! What hardware do you use? I found the Mod to be a great companion with Continuumini and Linnstrument. No need for any other midi hub. And all the great fx it holds. The Midilooper would be the icing and a great tool.


Yeah, heard back from Geert and it looks like there’s no chance for that particular codebase — it’s all objective C and it relies on the sample-accurate midi time-stamping in AUv3 which doesn’t exist anywhere else.

So I guess let’s say that this is a request for some other MPE-capable Midi looper.

Honestly, between the Osmose and the Linnstrument, I think MPE is going to keep gathering steam. The combination of a midi looper plus an audio looper plus effects could be really very powerful as a standalone unit for Osmose players. With native MPE synths, it’s even more attractive for Linnstrument players — that’s a fully self-contained system, with at most a controlchain or midi footswitch box and some additional knobs for live tweaking.

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It would be an immensely useful tool. Specially for finding and tweaking sounds, like you say.

And no, sequencers do not fill that gap. With a midi file one can have different velocities, lengths, etc., which one needs to tweak ADSR parameters for instance.

In my own case, I create percussion patterns and randomise them in Ableton. Without a midi player in Mod, I can’t do that.


This would be absolutely awesome - I like to use drums in loops, but in audio looping it gives you very little option for variation - with midi looping there are all kinds of things you can do like drum sound reassignment, highly specific volume and filtering variations (to individual drums not the whole kit).

One little request if you do this, add a 2nd midi out which will just send out a (configurable) midi note at the start of each bar (or even each beat or even loop segment) such that another plugin (which I am trying to develop but slowly) could count the bars (since first full bar recording) and then do channel specific transpositions/variations every x,y,z bars

Seriously, I would love something like this, so if you need any help in trying out beta versions or getting documentation done, please ask


Anybody checked out this project? (GitHub - jean-emmanuel/loop192: minimal live MIDI looper)


This would be a very attractive plugin for me, too. I have some difficulties envisioning a proper UI, but perhaps something highly functional like Blokas’ Midihub editor might work.

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BUMP this.
Why is thread suddenly dead and no one reacting anymore??
Some valuable stuff right here

Have you seen the latest links that have been posted?

@Boi_Social, I did at the time, yet I’m not the one that sets priorities on the plugins ports/releases nor able to do it.
We have been with “our plates” quite full working on the AIDA-X release. Hopefully this will get some love soon.

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Ah yeah.
I understand that Neural Amps are a big hype right now but I hope Mod Devices keeps trying to differentiate themselves from all the other companies after all this hype, cuz y’all could really stick out from the crowd if stuff like this becomes functional