MIDI "Chocolate" 🍫 controller with the Mod Dwarf, an introduction

I was tried to understand, but I cant. My english is not good enough, maybe. Can you explain on another way?
I have 3 snapshots on one pedalboard.
1 Clean,2 crunch and 3 lead. Obviously, lead is louder, but if I change to another two, the louder lead snapshot turn even louder before change to clean or crunch.

It could be due to one specific plugin, try removing them one at once to isolate the weird one.

Are you using neural models? I would start with it

Hi does anybody know how to put the footswitch into midi pairing mode so I can switch devices, I can’t find the info anywhere.?

As far as I understand there is no such mode to be enforced. All you can is to poweroff the currently connected device, so Chocolate would be free for another connection.

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