MIDI "Chocolate" 🍫 controller with the Mod Dwarf, an introduction

Thanks. I also have a BT dongle from m-vave (not “wave” for some reason - what’s “vave”?).
Ok, how about a Dwarf with a USB hub, with a couple of BT dongles connected to a HUB, - shall this work? Also, does an m-vave (:man_facepalming:) MIDI controller work as a MIDI controller over USB, or over BT only?

It’s possible to use m-vave to send MIDI messages over USB. So hypothetically you can use a Bluetooth dongle for one and the USB for the other. But it’s possible that the USB dongle connects with the USB plugged chocolate instead of the unplugged one. Then I think that the most secure is to connect both using USB.

Note: I don’t know what happens if you use two Bluetooth dongle for two chocolates. Maybe it works.

I cannot tell for sure, but have some guesses, based on my two m-vave dongles (5din, usb) and Chocolate.

What I actually see:

There is no interface to control which devices connects to which. It is determined by a sequence of powering devices.

Looks like they connect to the first other m-vave non-connected device they see around after power on. After connection is established, both connected devices become “busy” and do not connect to anything else, even no configuration is possible by the android app. That’s what I see from my 3 devices.

Also, my 5din dongle connects to my usb dongle. ( so it is probable that if you wake up two usb dongle first - they would connect to each other.)

My expectations:

With two m-vave dongles and two chocolates, I would expect that it should work, but you would have to power on all the devices in a correct sequence ( to evade both usb dongles connecting to each other, for example)

Like, power-on first dongle and first chocolate, and after they are connected - then power-on remaining dongle-chocolate pair.

However, I do not have a second Chocolate to prove my theory, Tell us if you would try that.

Regarding USB:
Chocolate works via USB for me just fine. Actually I do prefer this connection method now, as bluetooth connection seems unreliable to me, interrupting from time to time while distance is less than 1.5 meters.

Therefore I would double SrMouraSilva on this one:

Basically, I’ve ended up using usb connected (more expensive, unfortunately) Sofstep2 instead (10 buttons) and (optionally) usb connected Chocolate to provide additional 4 buttons to control drum machine when required.


Hi, i have a problem with saving settings to chocolate via CubeSuite:

I use chocolate footCtrl, i connect it with CubeSuite, i change settings, chocolate display acts like changes have been accepted.

But when i power off/on the device — changes are not saved…

  • But I am having a strange problem where the settings revert back to the first mapping i had set up in Advanced Custom Mode every time the device powers off and back on.

is there any solution for this issue?

I have 2 pedals, and my other chocolate pedal works fine… so i have problen only with one…

tried to reinstall cubesuite, tried to use PC app — no luck

Have not seen it behaving like that, can only suggest trying force firmware update

So how the update can be forced? Or how can i reinstall the firmware?

Cuz i see that CubeSuite tells me that my device is up to date and i can’t do anytging with firmware…

I found 1-2 cases with same issue from march 2023 on a web… but no suggestions…

Sorry, looks like it was a false memory or they had changed something and it does not work anymore - I could not force firmware upgrade, it just says it’s already the latest.

Anyway, firmware is updated by OTA Upgrade on the top right of the Mobile CubeSuite app.
If you have an outdated firmware that might still work.

yes, this is what i see as well. i think we used to be able to force firmware re-install, but not anymore.

Today I use CHOCOLATE, my cell phone and my tablet to send MIDI messages. I tried using two MIDI dongles + the MIDI 5di0 Bluetooth, it works, but it crashes a lot. To connect everything without problems, replace a Dongle with a connection via USB (CHOCOLATE-USB), it crashes less. What you said is true, it is necessary to connect the devices in the right order so that the MOD understands the connections as previously connected… this is perhaps because the connections appear with the same name (I don’t know how to rename the root of the devices). dongles).
I’m using CHOCOLATE in an interesting way: -Advanced custom mode - Short Step/Long Step.

  • Short step - I send Midi Notes and turn them into CC within the MOD to turn effects on and off.
  • Long Step - I send Program Changes to change banks.

This way I get two uses for each button.
I use the tablet and cell phone to visualize the effects (on and off), as if it were an additional display to Chocolate… and I also map the effects parameters.


interesting! yes, the lack of visual feedback on the Chocolate is one of its faults, so this is a valuable workaround!

I use my cell phone for this, as it is smaller and fits perfectly on the pedalboard. I use the Tablet on the pedestal with song lyrics, repertoire and I leave the MIDICOMMANDER program open to adjust some parameter if necessary. I tried a version of the TUCH OSC program (cheaper) but I couldn’t get it to work (the new version doesn’t show up for my TABLET as it is old). So I used Midi Commander, which works on cell and tablet. the only thing that doesn’t work right in this program is that the buttons don’t change the state (on-off) if the command is given from outside the device, but the Drawbars are responsive to MIDI THRU, so I see if the al is on or off by seeing the Drawbar up or down

The photo doesn’t show the cell phone because it’s in my hand. LOL


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Hi floriado. I just do it like you describe, on chocolate app, but I just on/off one fx at time. Can you tell me how can I do to asign more than one pedal to same switch? And another question: Are you change snapshots at te same way?

Hey Alex, I firstly used the chocolate to turn on/off plugins, then I rapidly switched to a mode to control snapshots. Regarding first topic, you can assign the footswitvh to an CV Control Plugin to switch on/off multiple plugins (CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki)

I will turn back home to my dwarf in january so i can make a screenshot of the app, with the settings which I use to control the snapshots, if necessary…

Fist of all: Thanks to everyone in the forum for help me with my beginer problems. I was solved all related with change pedalboards (with duo switches) and snapshots (with chocolate midi device). Lets see if someone can help me with the little "milisecond latency bug"problem when I change between the snapshots. I know that chocolate change when you lift the foot, but is not that problem. Another is the volume between snapshots too. I notice a big volume increase between snapshots. Just in the zone that I mention like “ms latency bug”.
Can you help me (again)?

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About the volume: simply put a gain at the end of your pedalboard and normalize the volume of each snapshot


Not working what I need. I don’t need compensate volume between snapshots. I can do it with amp master volumes or cab volumes. My problem is the volume INCREASE between some snapshots and some layency time between changes with chocolate device.

What do you mean by “volume increase” between snapshots? And why can’t you compensate It with a gain or volume plugin?

I cannot explain better than two coments above. I have a little latency time between snapshots changes and in that precise moment I have the volume increase that I mention. Just between the snapshots. Not in the snapshot itself. I know how to balance volumes between presets or snapshots. Is the same way in all multieffect devices.

I wonder if the pedalboard cycles thru the default snapshot when loading a new one, perhaps manually load the default snapshot, tweak it to a low volume and save it and then see what happens when you change snapshots.