Mark default bank using web gui

I have just learned here how the dwarf selects the bank at boot.

It would be really useful (and possibly not too difficult) to mark a bank as the default using the web gui



the webgui can load any pedalboard, even those outside a bank.
so we would need a fallback plan in case the last used pedalboard is not in the selected bank.

but a small correction. it is not so much that the dwarf selects a bank on boot, it just loads whatever was the last loaded one (if there was one).
and loading a pedalboard via web gui invalidates the “last bank”.

My (and I guess it is a common enough…) typical use case is to prepare the pedalboards at home and arrange them in banks using the web gui, and then going to rehearsals, set the desired bank (via knobs) and navigate trough pedalboards with the device buttons and trough snapshots using an external midi controller.

So in the end it could be useful to have the chance to mark the default bank using the gui (and possibly switch banks using midi? :slight_smile: )

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can a bank also be selected via MIDI? my footswitch could send a second message, so if the dwarf would use it to a) select the bank first and then b) to select the pedalboard with one stomp, that would also be a solution.

Currently this is not possible, but it would be nice to have it

For any gigging musician the ability to set the default bank via the gui is a clear winner. That’s certainly how i use products like these? Drop required pedalboards into a bank for a given gig? Would be a really helpful feature. I also find having to select the bank via the hardware a bit hit and miss, i often have to reboot everything for the unit to work with received midi commands to select a given pedalboard after i have selected the required bank. Maybe its me?