Default bank

i’ve searched the docs and forum, but didn’t find the answer: is there a way to either set a default bank to use after my dwarf was powered up, or could it at least remember the last bank used? it always falls back to “all user pedalboards” as the default after reboot, and that means i can’t use my footswitch to load the pedalboards i have configured in my custom bank, at least not without tapping and klicking through some menus first.

it loads the last pedalboard used, so i sometimes only notice that switching pedalboards doesn’t work in the middle of a set :confused: if it can remember pedalboards, why won’t it also remember the last bank used?


it remembers the last bank used if a pedalboard was loaded via device.
when your last loaded pedalboard was done via web gui, it will then use “all pedalboards” as the last loaded bank.


This could be an interesting feature request!