Looperlative LP3. Some requests and some issues

Hi folks !

I already gave some feedbacks about the LP3 plugin but after a few months working on it, I notice some other stuffs. Here’s a list of all of the observations that I can make. Sorry for repeating some things, I just told myself a complete recap would be more usefull for you guys.

1 - The most important commands that, in my opinion, are missing for live looping, are 3 separate « start/stop » buttons (for track 1, track 2 and both tracks at the same time)

2 - Another things that can make a big difference would be a mode that allows the audio signal to trigger the loop recording (like the ALO looper)

3 - An issue I encountered using two LP3 instances connected to each others. (the first beeing used in self-sync mode with the looper number set to 1. It sends midi to the second instance, in midi sync mode with the looper number set to 2.
The looper 2 seems perfectly synced to the tempo of the looper 1, but :
-When I stop and restart the looper 1, the phrase is played from its beggining (wich is good).
-When I do the same with the looper 2, the phrase seems to keep turning like it’s just muted. It stays synced with the first beat of the looper 1 when it was playing for the first time.
In other words, the bpm stays the same for both loopers but it seems to stop for the first one and keep turning for the other. So it can’t stay synced.
I suppose the solution would be to stop the midi bpm information sending by the first LP3 to the second one when its phrase (track1 of the self-synced looper) is not playing.

4 - When I use the start/stop command to relaunch a phrase, the very beggining of it seems like cut. Because of this sort of “fade in” effect, we don’t ear the first beat of the phrase before it reappears at its second cycle.

I think I’ve said everything and I hope my writing is understandable. I’m french and I don’t often express myself in english. Of course, I’m not certain, that I use this plugin correctly at 100%, so I guess I can be responsible of some of the issues I met.

My goal is to make an all in one live looping pedalboard for guitar, keyboard and voice. Even if I haven’t reach this yet, I’m getting more an more close and I have to say I really enjoy working on it with the Dwarf and the tonnes of things I learn thanks to the forum. So thanks a lot to the Mod team and to the users that make their contribution.

Cheers !


No worries with that, I guess it was perfect and…

Thank you so much for the nice words. When you do reach your goal please share a couple of videos of your setup with us :slight_smile:

Now, on the feedback…
I’m not the best and most experient looper user, I will try soon to spend some time with the LP3 hoping to fill a bit this gap of mine. So I can’t really give you accurate feedback.
Anyway, maybe it’s worth ping here the developer himself (@looperlative) so he can give you some better feedback.


These can be added.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I added this feature to the LP1 a long time ago and then never put it back in when I upgraded to the 2.x line of code. I received no requests from anybody to put it back in. I’ll consider it, but I’ve never considered this the best way to start recording because you can’t stop recording in the same way. Seems to me that consistency in starting and stopping methods are valuable.

This isn’t a bug but a design choice that I pulled from my original loopers. I recently made a change in behavior on my hardware loopers. So, I can make the same change in behavior here.

I’ll take a look.


@jon, @looperlative, Thanks to both of you for responding so quickly.

For sure ! I’ll share all the progress I’ll make on this project.

That would be terrific. In fact it would make my third observation kind of useless as I’ve been using two loopers to create that “one start button per phrase” thing by myself.

I think I’m just used to play with this feature on my old boss RC50 looper but I guess it is just a habit I can break. I will trust your experience on this point.

Thank you, let me know if a recording of my pedalboard, using the start/stop button, can help you.


Hi there! Perhaps a stupid question, but I don’t see Looperlative in the list of plugins in the online sandbox (I just wanted to have a peek while I’m away from my gear). So, is this because Looperlative is only available for the hardware Dwarf, or am I simply not looking under the right stone?
@looperlative, @jon


It’s already available on the MOD Duo X as well, yet you need the 1.12 for unlock it’s full potential (and that is still in RC stage).
Not all the plugins are available on try.moddevices.com and the reason for that is because that is mostly meant to get familiar with the platform and the workflow. I’m not even sure if any of the paid plugins is there (I’m really not sure and didn’t check it, so bare with me if I’m totally wrong)


Is there a way to make reverse function set always ON? I mean after recordinga loop I do not want to turn on reverse function, I would like it to be turned ON.

For this you can try MIRRORZ plays backward

Thanks! Is this plugin in MOD store?

@zwabo Actually, if you press reverse while recording, the LP3 will end the recording and immediately play the loop in reverse.


great feature!

Hey just wanted to tuck in. I also have a bit of feedback/requests, so I figured I’d join in here rather than opening a new thread.

1 I tried Lp3 but for me it doesn’t really work cause this feature is missing. I really wanna controll the two loops with individual buttons on my midi controller.

I feel that the whole Ui is designed with a too specific hardware layout in mind. Yes it makes sense to be able to control it from one dwarf with two switches. In that case the “select Loop” aproach works. But there are also people using midi controllers, foot controllers or people on Duo X which is an entirely different plattform. So its really important to have individual start stop rec clear etc buttons for each loop layer and have the plugin in more open to customization.

2 Furthermore I think stacking several instances should be more streamlined. It would be great if we could automatically connect several instances not only in regard of sync but also in the rec/overdub logic, making sure that even with several instances only one loop is in rec/ovd at the same time.
If the record/overdub logic was interconnected, maybe we could even save resources, since that part of the loopers wouldn have to be doubled/tripled up?

3 Last but not least an oddly specific feature request: Give us visual feedback of whats going on in the form of midi messages. It would be really useful on midi controllers with led feedback. It could be aplied with a simple drop down menu that specifies one midi message for each status (rec, play, stop, with note, velocity etc)

I’ve come a long road, programming my own looper on axoloti, using boss rc 505 and now eager to move to mod for this. I’ve always been very impressed with what you were doing with Looperlative as a one man company. I think in combination with mod this could be like the most powerful looper on the planet :slight_smile: But I think the design philosphy should switch a bit from offering a finished product to a building block that we can customize for our setups. But that’s just my 2 cents :relieved:


Is it possible to have the loop position display in the mod screen?

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Thanks for the input. There is much in that post to consider. I’ll have to get back to you on my thoughts.


Cool thanks. I’ve looked a bit more into your LP1 looper, and I get a bit more where this “selected” loop interface is coming from. So If I wanted dedicated buttons per loop, I would just have to combine midi messages? That would be an easy and valid workaround, even given the midi possibilties of mod. So not sure if you’d have to change that.

I would definately want more options for feedback from the looper, and/or a bigger version. I think if there was even a 4-5 track version with the full feature set of the LP1, I would be more than satisfied and I’d also willing to pay like 100-200€ or such a plugin.


I’m looking at a more advanced version, but not ready, yet.


There is a strange behaviour with overdub and parts:

  1. Start recording and loop part A
  2. Start Overdubbing part A
  3. While overdubbing press Part button
  4. When loop A finishes, record loop part B starts and you can loop this part B (till here looks fine)
  5. Unfortunately loop A is lost

This happens with both Looperlative plugins. @looperlative this is not the expected behaviour, right?

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That’s a bug. I’ll look at it over the weekend.


ok, this is exciting!


@fer I’ve got a fix. I’m doing some final changes on some new code and then I’ll have release ready soon.