Looper like Revolver?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to record micro loops, and trigger it in speed and reverse…
The @looperlative plugin from Bob is amazing, but I face one problem I can’t solve, and another that could be very nice to solve (but not redhibitive) :

1st problem, I would like to never overdub (always start a fresh record when pushing REC). So with this target :

  • I assign a midi button on PRESS the function ERASE
  • I assign a midi button on PRESS the function REC
  • I assign a midi button on RELEASE the function PLAY
    BUT : when I want to create a 2nd loop, it just erase the 1st one and doesn’t start the REC.
    Between each midi message I have set a 4ms latency (in my midi controller settings, Morningstar MC6pro), it may not be enough ?

2nd : I would like to increase or decrease the speed, not just half or double. Is there a plugin that can do this ?

3rd : I’d like to trigger some parameters with CV so I can randomize or automate things like reverse or speed

4th : would be nice (and a luxury) to be able to move forward the starting point (and move backward the endpoint) of a loop.

There is some example of glitches I would like to mimic : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFRWHow3dGw&t=10

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  1. On any Looperlative looper, if you stop a track and then hit record, it starts a new recording.
  2. LP3 doesn’t, but any of the physical Looperlative loopers do it.
  3. LP3 doesn’t currently do this.
  4. There are ways to do this in the physical Looperlative loopers, but the LP3 doesn’t have this feature.

Oh… I was son obsessed with erase that I missed this ! Thanks !!!

Okay, thanks for tour answer

Hi Rom,
Some Revolver like effects could be achieved with my Stuttter plugin, Random mode, tweaking the Speed, Reverse and BPM parameters, but it’s not a looper, the buffer size is determined by the BPM and DIV_L DIV_R presets and it’s just acting on the fly when you’re playing.

Available in the Beta store or on github .

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Thanks ! I’ll dive into this !!