Looking for beginner tips for synth pedalboard

Hi, I’m actually more into guitar. But once you have such an all-round wonder like the Dwarf at home, I would like to play around with synthesizer and the like. Since I lack any experience, however, I would be interested if you have some beginner tips or tutorials that I can use to get started. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ableton have made a great free tutorial that runs in the browser https://learningsynths.ableton.com/


The easiest way I’ve found is to kick off with Soundfonts via the DIE Fluid Synth Plugin, or using synths already in there. Loads of decent Soundfonts to grab online.

I’m also a guitar bod, and using a Fishman Triple Play midi pickup on the guitar, so having that, synths etc. and all my guitar tone in a single patch/box is a game-changer.

I’m no modular expert but did create a very simple patch last night if you want to get real geeky. I’m also sure there are some far more complex/interesting pedalboards too :wink:


Wow, awsemone tutorial. Was quite fun to go through. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Have you watched the Loopop video? Since you have a Dwarf I believe that that would be perfect :wink:

Oh yes. What a great video. Thanks for the hint :-). Btw, toying around with my tiny noise machine in combination with the dwarf is so cool :slight_smile:

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Instagram #loginwalled

Oh, sorry. So lets try it with youtube :slight_smile: Using a Noise Machine BLE Midi Controller with a moddevices dwarf - YouTube

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Oh cool! Thanks for sharing and you’re welcome :wink:
I suggest you (again :slight_smile: ) share this little video on this thread.

Also, did I get it right that the piano sound comes from the Dwarf?

I did. Yes, the piano comes from the Dwarf, of course.:slight_smile:

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Thanks :love_you_gesture:

Try this video - Zoom CDR70 but gives you great ideas on how to build patches which Im sure you can do on the dwarf.