Is there a Note to MIDI plugin?

I was wondering if there is a Note to Midi plugin. If not I think it would be wonderful.

I’d love to plug in my Guitar or Bass and be able to use the synth sounds. Just like you can with the Sonuus G2m.

Anyone working on something like this?



We worked on a plugin like that in 2014 using the aubio libraries

CPU was very heavy. Also, once pitch tracking is sorted there is a lot to be done in terms of response but we did not go that far.

I ended up purchasing a G2M myself :wink:



I was thinking CPU usage would be pretty high for something like this…

I’m hoping to blend some synth sounds with my guitar or bass for a very fat sound. I will get a G2M and try that out.

Thank you!

Recently, I’ve been writing a plugin that does just what you want, but I’m also using the aubio libraries, and I’ve only tested so far on my desktop.… It’s undocumented, atm, and it’s only my second lv2 (or otherwise) plugin. It does have a modgui. It does output some midi and and atm it uses stk to synthesize audio output (which I might remove). If you try it and have questions, let me know. BTW, $ make MOD=1; make install MOD=1 will build and install with the modgui.

I will try to try it…
I’m still learning how to get these plugins into the DUO. I have no experience in this stuff and so I’m going to try and take some time this week to learn how to do it… so at this time I have no idea what your last sentence means… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@dsheeler: I haven’t checked your plugin yet, but I need to tell you we already have a plugin called “harmonizer”.
(in fact we have 3. harmonizer, harmonizer 2 and harmonizer custom scale)

I suggest you to rename the plugin if you want to see it in the MOD officially later on.
Sorry for the trouble…

@falkTX: No problem about the name change-- I was going to change it at some point because ‘harmonizer’ doesn’t exactly describe what it’s become. How can I check existing names? I was going to have this plugin detect pitch and produce some harmonizing audio out. Now I think it’s better to do the detection, output midi, and let another plugin do synthesis (perhaps after going through some midi filters).

about names, that’s hard. there’s but it does not list the individual plugin names.
you just have to know them…

have you tried the plugin on a mod yet?

@dsheeler What’s the latest on this? I’d love to try your plugin! Is there a quickstart guide for getting it running on the Mod Duo? I am an experienced software developer so compilation and Linux-related stuff should be easy - would just need a few pointers as I haven’t figured out how to install plugins from anywhere other than the store yet. There is some information at but it seems incomplete at this point.

@aspiers, I can’t help installing as I am developing this without access to a device. On the desktop, this plugin runs and is to me a little quirky (parameters are important!) but it does more or less work as expected :)… On the mod, I’m getting help with testing from @x42, and just in past few hours he installed it on a device and it was seg faulting or if not then still not working. I haven’t really started to debug that, yet. If you wanted to help with testing on a real device, that would be great. We can only do that if we figure out how to install without the store, I guess. But do let me know if you can figure that out and want to help!

Thanks for the reply! How are you running it on the desktop - via the MOD SDK? I’m also looking at this howto

mod plugins are specialized lv2 plugins. So, by on the desktop, I meant installing it as an lv2 plugin on my desktop machine and running like

% jalv.gtk

On my desktop, I’m running linux and using jack, jalv is a simple plugin host for jack so basically this creates an interface to tweak parameters and it has a jack input and midi output. Maybe check it out again on github, there’s now a short readme with how to build (make) and install (make install).

I see, thanks for the info!

You’re welcome! Also, don’t hesitate to ask any other questions. I need to checkout the howto you posted a little more carefully, but looked like it might be what you need, thanks for posting.

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Dear all

What’s the current state of this topic. Did this plugin meanwhile make it to the Duo platform?
…or are there any other approaches to achieve this?

Thanks for any hints and infos.


Dear @dsheeler
I had a look at the github repo of this plugin and noticed that there is some mod stuff there (UI and in the Makefile).
What’s the state of this? Is it available in the plugin store? …or would it work if I compile it myself?

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I’m also curious if there are any updates on this topic?

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Any updates on this? I also have a G2m, but would like to not have to use it and take up the midi port!


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Hi @thermos and @dylanious, at the moment there’s not yet any notes/frequency to MIDI converter plugin on the MOD platform. MOD development team is working in order to create one, but we can’t yet promise any date for release.


Thanks. Seems like this would be a slam dunk for guitar synth users, and would basically render all guitar synth products obsolete instantaneously!