Introducing the MOD Desktop - Beta release

In what way is it not working? I haven’t used the desktop MOD yet.

Is there no midi input to choose from?

I’ll try my end later tonight to see if I can get it working

OK had a bit of a play this pm. TOUCHOSC works perfectly - windows 10 home with standalone mod running.

Can no one from MOD Audio answer this basic question?

Hi @Invictus_Hi-Fi

Sorry for the lack of response

We surely wish to enable the sharing, but for that we need to work on somethings from the back end first

But I can assure you it is wished here too :slight_smile:


Thanks! Good to know.

although not ideal, if you geek out a bit you can copy the boards mannualy.

maybe that helps for the time being

Thanks - is there any guides for that?

not really :slight_smile:

are you using Windows, Mac or Linux?

I’m using a Mac for Mod Desktop.

Guessing I can somehow save the patch as a file and then import manually somehow?

The pedalboards are already saved as subfolders inside the “~/Documents/MOD Desktop/pedalboards” folder.

You need to copy the desired ones to the “.pedalboards” folder inside the Dwarf.

Do you know how to use the “scp” command ?

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Yep, can use that. How do I get them onto the device?

You just need to scp the desired boards to the .pedalboards folder inside your Dwarf.

Credentials and file system instructions are here: Access MOD using SSH - MOD Wiki

let me know if that helps

Any chance the MOD Desktop could be made available to install/update using winget on windows? It’s really nice to see it being updated so fast and that could make it easier to always use the latest version on windows

Unlikely, at the moment it’s still alpha software so it doesn’t make sense to push it to a repository.
But also using something like winget puts a lot of strain on packaging and distribution side.
(there might also be licensing issues, it is Microsoft after all)

For now using the github releases is the best way.

Great - thanks!