Introducing the MOD Desktop - Beta release

this is likely an antivirus falsely flagging it as a possible threat and automatically removing the files. this “cpu id” stuff is used to read device specific data (like CPU model, type, features etc) and antiviruses really hate those and assume it is something bad.

dont know how to fix that to be quite honest, dont want to give any bad advice here.


I use Kaspersky which usually is pretty transparent about what it does and haven’t seen any warnings… Anyway, I’ll try to disable it and reinstalling MOD desktop… Thanks for the heads up!

Just checked kaspersky’s register and sure enough you were right! Those files were flagged as trojan and deleted even though kaspersky didn’t show any notifications about it. Thanks a lot!


This is pretty awesome, my only problem is that I’m on an ARM laptop running linux. I see that the source is available on github but there are no build instructions for it. Is there a chance that it can be added?

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It seems that it no longer works on Linux since Pipewire was updated to 1.2.0.