Introducing the MOD App for desktops - Beta release

Hi falkTX,
Are you considering in the future a way to include a custom plugin in the MOD App ? (.lv2 folder with .so and .ttl files).

This has already been discussed. It’s somewhat the goal that mod-app will make development easier, so loading custom plugins is kind of one of the points :wink:


I’m sorry, I don’t want to be rude, but this statement makes me feel that there is no actual point in even installing the desktop app in the first place. If it doesn’t work as a playground to test things that can then work on my actual Mod device, then what would be the point in me wasting any time using the desktop version?!
I would have assumed that -somehow- there is some level of transferability. I have stated myself -in the post above yours- that I understand the reason related to software architecture, that prevent this from being an easy task. However, I re-state that the only use the desktop app might have for the end user, would be the test of things before loading onto the device.

This is precisely what I refer to. So I don’t understand the negativity on your post above. Sorry if I misunderstood your text.

It does, you just can’t put windows/macos/x86_linux binaries onto a Linux ARM computer.
You need OS and Architecture specific binaries in all these cases.

Only negativity I see is you referring to “no actual point”.
The point is that you can play with the MOD environment without having to buy a device.

This has nothing to do with transferring binaries between incompatible devices.

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It’s not disimilar to applications on windows/mac. You can run word/chrome/photoshop on either platform but you cannot just copy the same program files from one to another, you need the windows or mac version.

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*** TLDR; WARNING!!! ***

I’m sure all the following has been discussed, but here are my immediate thoughts (while I’m waiting for the caffeine to kick in) after returning to this and trying to get back in the developer mindset:

To the question of all the permutations (mac, windows, linux arm, linux x86) of converting one object file format to another, this capability e
I’m pretty sure the capability already exists for converting .dll to .so. I’ve never tried to do it but I’m not aware of a simple application that exists in either the .dll or .so environment where you can just input an object file of one environment and produce an object file of the other - as in give the bartender some money and get a beer. The conversion of money to beer (or a burger or a …) of course involves a lot of intermediate steps. Even after the object file(s) are converted there’s a lot still to be done.

My brain hurts. And I haven’t even finished my coffee…

No, this is not possible.

These binaries are 100% incompatible between different OSes and Architectures.

Besides for MOD we need different builds for Duo, DuoX and Dwarf. So you can add a few more options to all the required permutations …

Thanks @dreamer.

I’ll have to re-read the thread and think this through again.