I have a very particular request. I would like to be able to control some parameters from an external mobile phone or tablet but I have to limit myself to parameters chosen by me. The goal is to let the audience change some parameters of my sound while I perform in order to make the audience part of the show. Thus, for example, passing the cell phone among the audience and allowing a stranger to vary the delay time, while another could decide to activate or deactivate a certain effect. It would be nice to have a web page where maybe everyone can set something, but maybe it can be changed at a time set by me… maybe the change happens every 30 seconds. I await proposals.


I would use something like a Raspberry Pi Pico W, configured to appear as a midi device and connected to the Mod’s USB port.

Then you can either make it connect to an existing wifi network or turn it into an access point and serve a simple web page with some sliders and buttons that will trigger midi messages.


To me it sounds like some of the ideas floating around in

Where a better separation of the frontend and backend in MOD-UI would allow for alternative (web) clients to be created.

Checkout TouchOSC TouchOSC |, you can configure custom control layouts.

And it appears one can get it to work with a Dwarf.