Giving myself a pat on the back

I’ve just managed to get a TouchOSC control screen to control a pedalboard on my Dwarf - I was confused when I started, didn’t know too much about the Dwarf and even less about TouchOSC, but now I can send midi commands down the PC/Dwarf USB link from TouchOSC and make things happen.

(I still seem to be limited to the number of controls that I can have, or perhaps some plug ins are not set up for midi control - I’ll find out though!).


Give on pat on the back from me as well :wink:

Could you be so kind and share with all of us how you got it working? What is the setup, connections, etc.?
A video of what you are doing with it and also setting it up would be even a plus. With that I will give more two pats on the back :grin:

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Good job. A well deserved pat on the back.


I agree - I try to use a text version of tutorials and howtos and can sometimes get the info I need from that alone, but some sort of video (youtube?) is a really good idea.


The main thing that took me the longest to find was under “settings” “behaviour settings” changing “usb mode” to “net+midi (windows)” at which point in the connection settings in TouchOSC there is the option “Dwarf USB-MIDI”. With these two settings done any control that is put onto a TouchOSC screen can be used as a pedal controller. I’ve sorted the limit to the number of controls, will look to making a video of how to set it all up before too long - I’ve never made a proper video before, so it might be a day or two!


I’ve never posted anything to youtube or made any kind of video at all. As for behaviour settings, people have been trying to do that to me for years and so far they have fortunately have not had any success.


Well done Shaggydog. Glad to see it works. I did post some ideas on another thread about this. Does it feedback to TouchOSC? When I tried it with my Helix it didnt feedback midi to TouchOSC. Im still awaiting my Dwarf but use it for Ableton amongst other things.

Are you using the old or new version of TouchOSC?

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Hi @Austin73 I’m using the newer version of TouchOSC. It doesn’t feedback to TouchOSC which can be a pain - I intend to have a snapshot of the boards that I use with it that have everything turned down to zero so that I can start everything in the right place - I haven’t worked out default values on TouchOSC yet!

I don’t know how complex sending midi values back would be, I’ve no great Midi knowledge, I just know how to fiddle with things until they work!

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I think the Dwarf doesnt send back which actually not that much of an issue.

If you think about it - if you connected a physical controller the knobs wouldnt correspond intil you have swept them to pick up . So TouchOSC is actually working in a similar way. Yes it would be nice to have it update when presets or snap shots change but not sure how far down the line that is, I did mention it to Falk so maybe we can push it again.

I really like TouchOSC, been using it for quite a while. Just moved over to the latest version which potentially offers more.

Dont forget you can create drum pads and keyboards on it too - so you can use synths etc.

If you need any help with anything else let me know.

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did you make your owm layout or did you use mine?

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I made my own for a couple of pedal boards I use regularly - it was an interesting period of learning! You’re right about the feedback, not vital but would be nice. I’ll play with drum pads a keys a bit later, although I have a midi keyboard which I already use. It’s a great program, I really like it, amazing the depth of control you have.

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Thats cool. I use 2 tablets in my studio to compliment my push2 and other hardware. That way if my mate needs to tweak from his position away from desk he can without reaching over.

Its a cool system with basically MIDI cc duplicated across hardware and devices.

Very easy and great fun.

You Dorset based ?

Just to give you some ideas on what you can do.

However if you work out what pager does I would love to know as for the life of me - no idea

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Yes, I worked out Pager eventually - if you put a pager on the screen you can right click in the blank area below and open it up for editing - I spent a long while putting stuff on a pager (I thought) and ended up with each thing on each page, but with a right click and edit it’s great!

I’m in Dorset, whereabouts are you?

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Ah ok - not really needed thankfully and dont see that as a huge benefit. I need it to do lemur type pinging xy if that makes sense but still looking into that.

Im Christchurch way

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Basically this would require some inverted process of what you have. In other words, the Dwarf needs to send MIDI to TouchOSC. Or at least this is the obvious one.

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Yes, but I imagine getting a plugin to produce some kind of midi signal to throw back to TouchOSC would be complex . . .

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If the mapped parameter sent out the updated cc back out of the usb socket when snapshots are used that would solve the problem… That way TouchOSC would update with the changes

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This seems quite important and at the same time easy to implement.
If I add this in, can you do some testing?

Slightly related, I still need to see about the osc2midi project integration, it is on my radar after finishing current v1.11 tasks…


Happy to do some testing - the main problem that I have is that when I open a new pedal board and a TouchOSC controller then the two do not match until I have wiggled all the controllers :slightly_frowning_face: If a plug in could send out it’s position when loaded then it would save the embarrassment of having either no volume or full volume when only expecting 50%!


hmm right, so the feedback needs to happen on MIDI learn as well, not just when moving/tweaking the parameter.
I will ping this thread once I have something for testing.
Maybe take some days.