Inputs clipping with nothing connected


I recently have the problem with my MOD Dwarf that the inputs are clipping when I start up the unit, even when nothing is connected to the inputs. I created a new, empty pedalboard and there is a loud beep at the output at 7800 Hz. At first, the device would be OK after I restarted it in a few minutes, but now that doesn’t work anymore. I have upgraded to the latest firmware but it doesn’t make a difference.

I suspect a hardware issue and wonder if this is a known problem ?


I have this problem when the Dwarf is already hot when I boot it. It’s quite stressful when you’re in soundcheck…
The only solution I have is to power it down & wait a few minutes to cool down before booting the Dwarf again…

This has happened to me three times. There is a thread for it, which is labeled solved, but I’m not sure there is a solution in that thread. Input clipping with nothing connected [SOLVED]

There was a beta firmware release that was thought to have fixed the issue, but either the fix was reverted or it was only a placebo effect for me for a while. The issue persists.

Interesting, I’ve noticed mine has the exact opposite problem - It has these boot issues mostly on days when the device is physically cold, and I have to warm it up to get it to boot properly.

In the winter time it’s particularly frustrating, I have to reboot 10-15x each day when I first turn it on.

Temperature fluctuations having an effect on the issue makes me assume it’s a hardware issue… soldering joints or some IC chip… But then it’s odd that issues never pop up while the unit is on and working for long periods of time… Very odd.


I tried the suggestion from the other thread, to boot without USB connected. It doesn’t matter in my case. I compared the outputs of jack_lsp -c when it boots up fine and when it boots up faulty, there is no difference. Also, the output of dmesg does not have a notable difference.

The only thing that almost always works is to leave the unit on for a few minutes and then restart.

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