Ideas for MOD content?

Howdy Howdy, MOD Fam!

Seeing as 100% of my time is mine now, I am going to knuckle down on some videos to help with some MOD promotion while I’m re-establishing my blacksmithing business.

I do not have a big channel, less than 250 subs, and average about 25k-30k views a month. Youtube is not a source of income for me, nor is it my goal.

I am not a musician by any stretch of the means, I buy hardware and software for a few reasons.

1.) I’m partially deaf so sound is very interesting to me lol
2.) I love experimenting with technology
3.) Gives me an outlet for creativity
4.) Always wanted to get into music, but was too poor as a kid lol

Synths and MOD devices combine pretty much all of that into a fun, yet frustrating hobby.

Since I have the free time, I have begun setting up a recording area. I use one of my retired phones as a camera, its hooked up to a gimbal and attached to a tripod, like so:

And this is the view:

Obviously I have not included lighting yet (or a succulent), and that will improve.

The goal is to show the hardware itself and the screens. I plan on overlaying this onto a screen recording of the GUI. Ideally you’ll be able to watch any assignments pop up on the hardware as I make them in the GUI. I will also do a voice over rather than attempt to ramble my way through lol

However, I am curious as to what sort of videos we should be producing.

What would the community appreciate, and what do you think a potential customer would appreciate knowing about?

Things I will not be willing/unable to do:

1.) Demonstrate musical ability (ezpz)
2.) Guitar oriented plugins such as amps, cabs, and tone shapers.
3.) Advanced Midi/CV tutorials (maybe later)

Things I’d be interested in seeing as a synth enjoyer:

1.) Pedalboard creation (basic)
2.) Premium Plugin sound demos
3.) Midi to CV capability/use (MDX only)
4.) Effect chains using non premium plugins
5.) Basic Midi routing
6.) Comparison against multi-effect competitors

For plugins, I am reverb/chorus/delay/phaser/granular oriented in my uses, and I’ll largely focus on plugins in those categories as well as how I use my MOD units in my workflow.

Are there others in the community that would like to create content for the MOD channel?

If so, what sort of things would you like to create?

What would you have appreciated knowing more about before buying?

What made you choose a MOD unit over the competition, and are you happy with the choice?

Sorry for the list of questions, but I think the answers would be useful for deciding what to focus my time on lol

Hope all is well with you all!

Oh yeah, goes without saying, I am not affiliated with MOD other than being a consumer, I just like tinkering with gear and learning about video stuff.


I decided to do a test run of a camera setup as well as audio. Disregard the playing, this was a proof of concept lmao.

I’ll program something nice for real videos, but it will be really dependent on what sort of plugins I am demoing.

For the reverb series, a single note played for an A/B comparison would be my preferred method.

I think I can make this work relatively easy, at least easier than I have been.

I am using a gopro 7 black on a chest rig so you can see what I am doing with the strega, and that there is a frame of reference for the tone changes. I primarily show that so people can see the whole area, what gear is being messed with.

The MDX is viewed from the top down using a gimbal, tripod, and galaxy s21 ultra.

I actually am somewhat pleased with how crisp the MDX screens show up, as I want to show the assignments. The gimbal is useful keeping the image stable, I also apply tracking to the MDX from the camera to keep it centered.

I spliced in the audio that was recorded into AUM.

Midi input=>midi filter=>midi to CV plugin. This allows me to use OXI one as a keyboard for the Strega.

The pitch is connected to CV out 1 directly from midi to CV plugin, and the gate is patched to an AMS Envelope plugin at timescale 5, and finally to CV out 2.

ADSR is assigned to 1-4 pots. This allows me to turn the strega from a drone/echo synth, into a fully playable Triangle/sine wave synth.

Effects in MDX: In 1=>MOD Convolution reverb=>gain plugin=>stereo OUT

Effects in dwarf: MDX audio in=> RMPro=> stereo out.

I did not post process the audio, this audio is recorded into a steinberg 2x2 audio interface direct from the dwarf.

This vid was cut way down and spliced from a much longer recording, and this is not representative of what I plan on actually creating for MOD.

I have identified several elements about the recording process that I will streamline from here.

I will also develop a rough video SOP (standard operating procedure) for content.

I’ve already begun planning my next video recordings based on “chapters” i.e. Pedalboard effect chains (will show gui), assignments to hardware, plugin parameters, A/B audio comparisons, sonic explorations/ideas, etc…

Let me know if the overlay style would be a good way to go, or if I should try to make smaller windows showing screens. I personally like the overlay. The MDX is still front and center, with crisp screens, but you can still get an idea of whats happening on the table.

Ideally I’ll mount the gopro to a fixed position so its not on me, I just had to work with what I had on hand today lol


I want to thank @dreamer for giving me feedback on my video test run!

Due to his request, I was able to make a minor upgrade to my recording setup, and reconfigured it into a much better presentation.

I secured an overhead arm with an adjustable ringlight last night and hooked it up. I’ll have to work around this a bit, but its actually very clean and relatively unobtrusive. At least, it is now, after some trial and error :wink:

I have decided to sacrifice my daily use phone for videos. My wife isnt exactly pleased that I won’t be reachable while recording, but this is temporary until I find a more permanent camera solution.

That said, I think the upgrades were justified, and have definitely cleaned up the video.

This is the view from the tripod gimbal phone camera:

And this is the view from the new installation:

These are screen shots from a video clip snippets while getting everything in frame.

Based on Dreamer’s recommendation, I’ll be doing picture in picture at first. I’m hoping to eventually get to Ziv’s (Loopop) level of graphic overlays, and superimpose the MDX screens right above the MDX in the new top down shot. For now, I’m choosing not to bite off more than I am already chewing on.

I won’t post-process audio samples from my recordings, those will be spliced into the videos. However, I will be doing post processing on the video itself, as I’d like to offer as much production value that a hobbyist can on the funds I have lol

I may need a couple more diffuse lights to bring up the ambient lighting a bit, so I can soften the overhead light and reduce glare. The lights I have on hand are too harsh, and increase room temp by a good 20 degrees farenheit.

I tested with both 4k@60fps and 4k@30fps. I’ve decided to stick with 4k@30fps, as I suffer from screen roll at higher refresh rates with the gear on my table.

For my videos, I will almost always include external gear. However, I will be using internal synths as well. I am considering doing some sound design and saving patches as presets to share with the pedalboard.

Do presets for the generators get saved and published with pedalboards? I could test it on my own, but don’t want to submit a test board lmao

Right now I’m focusing on learning the OT2, and it will be in my videos just because it forces me to practice with it lol

For my small synth, I think the 0-coast will be good for a while. I have some neat patches that would work well for reverb demos. I’m particularly enamored with the water droplet sound. That sound is featured in this nature themed soundscape I did a while back.

I actually enjoyed making this one as all sounds are synthesized using the SP2(bird calls), strega 1(bats/crickets), Strega 2 (the “lead”) and 0-coast (water droplet). The droplet is a little too snappy in this video, I had my LFO slightly to fast to get the full effect. You can hear the adjustment a little ways into it lol

As soon as I can get my hands on a chompi, that will replace the 0-coast. Chompi delivery date in November 2023 at the soonest, but knowing how kickstarter projects go, im assuming Q1 of 2024.

I have all sorts of cool stuff I can live sample in the room I record in, and if I wait until night time, its frog season here. The Chompi is now all I think about.

Over the next week or so, I am gonna continue to shoot snippets of video and edit them into what the presentation would look like, as well as develop a workflow.

Once MOD, myself, and the community at large are happy with the video layout, I’ll begin selecting plugins to demo; and seek input as to what sort of information would be useful to include.

I will do some research on other gear demo channels to get an idea of what sort of topics are discussed with regard to effects pedals. I typically avoid those videos like the plague, I get gas. Eventide H90 amirite?

Anyway, just wanted to give an update, and see if these new angles are a step in the right direction?


Haha! glad my comment was useful :wink:

I just thought the mixed views where a bit chaotic and noisy. Hard to focus on what’s going on.
Having the DuoX displays as cut-out overlays could indeed be nice. I also need to experiment with recording MOD units. Getting a good recording of the display is definitely tricky on most cameras.


I tend to dim the display to 50% or lower so it doesn’t get blown out.

I’d also like to chime in but forgot. The overlay style is a bit chaotic for me also. If you happen to have a second phone for another angle I’d be happy to help and cut some videos for you.

More later …


I appreciate your feedback, it is helpful to me haha

I will most likely need to make adjustments to the MDX overhead camera, my biggest concern is making sure that you can’t see any of the recording devices/tripod in frame. Honestly a second arm like the one I am using would be a wise investment in this situation, and I may end up doing that instead. The tripod is in my way most of the time.

@spunktsch thats a good tip for the screens, I will make adjustments to that immediately. Thank you! And this new arm installation is allowing me to use 2 phone cameras for recording, rather than poor image quality gopro lol

This is the MDX with lowered screen brightness, it is far easier to capture like this.

Do you by chance have any advice on syncing all of this? I’ve done okay getting the videos to sync. I give a loud clap and then audio sync the footage, but AUM is listening to a silent audio interface and I’ve been trying to sync that audio track using button presses on video lmao

This setup is isolated from my monitors, and I have to use my cans. Oooo, I have a small jbl speaker with 3.5 aux. I bet I can use that to play an audio sync note from the interface, I will try that unless there is an easier way lol

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If you setup/room allows it I would place everything behind the desk. Just a few inches from the wall and you don’t have everything blocking you workspace.

I would just add a cheap mic(of a old phone headset) to the input of the interface just to register with the clap.


oh and if you are already using 2 phones in 4k I would just use a crop out for the duox. It sure isn’t the best solution but worth a shot and get your other phone free to have another angle. If thats even something you are into.

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I will try the headphone trick. I have a 4x4 interface and Mics, so I may just swap interfaces out altogether and future proof this lol

For the camera stuff, I am using one camera for a full table top down, and the second camera to focus on the MDX in detail. The goal is for me to not be in the video other than my hands and arms haha.

I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and order a second overhead arm and attach my gimbal directly to it and ditch the tripod.

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yeah I know. Its the same for me but another angle adds a lot of production value. But granted its more work and you have to tidy up the backgound. :wink:


Lol well you have a point there.

You look like you’re in a good position to offer that extra production value!

I wish I could learn the wizardry that is cable management lol I swap out gear so much that I’ve given up. Kind of dumb considering I have a 3.5mm patch bay sitting on the table that has zero hardware on it.

I was just talking to my wife about cleaning out the closets full of boxes that we haven’t unpacked since we bought this house (almost 4 years ago), and that will give me the space to actually clean up and organize everything in the room. That will allow me to begin some cable management in earnest.

What sort of camera are you using for that shot you shared?

The lighting is freaken sick, but I doubt my phone cameras are going to be able to compete with what you’re producing lol

Also, I love those expanded footwitch caps! Can you tell me what the name of those caps so I can search for them?

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The pic is maybe not the best example - 4 cables is easier to hide. But you can do a lot with lighting and shadows especially. But I would worry too much about that. You are using gear and they need cables. So be it.

Its a Lumix G81 with 25mm/1.7 - an older cam but I really recommend it. Bought it used but might be even cheaper now. Has 4k and some china lenses that are also great for starting out.

haha thanks. Its also super cheap rgb light Ulanzi VL49 Rechargeable Mini RGB Light and this:

Some phone cameras have a manual mode where you can set a fixed exposure and shutterspeed.

These are from thingiverse and printed myself. But they are not very snug and come loose to easily.

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You have a point about the cables.

I did order 4 black zip up cable sleeves that I’m going to use to clean up the wiring situation the best I can. I will be able to organize the cables by piece of gear.

I also have a second overhead mount arm coming as well. This will replace the tripod, and allow me to shoot other angles from the right hand side, as well as the view I am using currently.

This new arm has a screw on the top where I can mount my little RGB light to add to the lighting. Its a bit bigger than the one you posted, but nowhere near as cool as a neon flamingo lol

I’m going to mount my power strip to the underside of my table and use some gaffers tape to organize and support the heavier audio cables along the backside of the table.

Delivery doesn’t happen until Tuesday, so I may wait until Wednesday to tackle the cable headache. Cabling days are days that I should pack a snickers with me, I get grumpy quick lol

Tomorrow, I am gonna get everything put away into the closet so my work area is emptied out and move my hydrasynth back onto the double stand.

Due to the dimensions of my room, if I shoot from the right side, the background will be my DAW based workspace and the 2 keyboard synths. I can live with that in the background.

I keep telling myself I should invest in a 3D printer, those caps are awesome! I wonder if I can find some silicone ones with designs or something for mine. Those look pretty comfy to press with hands in comparison to the standard switches.


Remembered I had an XLR to TRS transformer in my miscellaneous box. I have the input routed to a “mute” switch on the my board.

I think it ended up being a more elegant solution for the audio sync issue, and gives me some options for vocal effects if I want lol

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:smiley: I try to do at least have some sort of key and fill light plus a practical light in the background. Adds more depth to the videos. But it’s a little overkill for a phone recording setup if you can’t adjust the aperture.

you could even turn them on and use that as a practical backlight - if they have lights.

these are Footswitch caps and available everywhere. It was just faster for me to print them as to wait a day to get them delivered.


I like the “Barefoot Buttons” and use them on my Dwarf. I prefer the feel and aesthetic of the metal:


Heck yeah, thanks for the cap recommendations, gentlemen!

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Day 1 of cleanup has been “finished”

Cleaned up the majority of the room. Keep in mind my wife is an actual artist (paint, charcoal, markers, etc…) and shares the room with me, so I did the best I could to clean out the camera views.

The room I’m using for my work area is the smallest in the house. Once both of my 17 year old daughters move out, I’ll have 2 more rooms to consider moving to. In this economy, they should be about 35 when they leave.

Somehow during this process, my overhead light became an issue with light glare in my phone camera lens. The top down shot is not overly important to me for MOD related videos, and I decided to pull my main phone out, and drop my osmo pocket in there instead.

Unfortunately, I lose a bit of clarity on the details.

I am using an ND4 filter to help with glare and exposure.

The big plus side of changing cameras, is that I can power this one, and it is remote controlled through an app.

Here is what the station looks like after the adjustments.

I still have a few excess wires in the back that power the lights and camera, but for the majority of my cable nightmare, its been zipped up in neoprene sleeves.

I did end up “securing” a power strip to the underside of the table. I will need to buy shorter screws for a flush mount. I was cognizant enough during the process to make sure I didnt screw through the top of my table lmao; as it currently stands, I shoved a gear bag into the gap between the strip and bottom of the table to make sure it doesn’t fall down.

Tomorrow, my second overhead arm arrives and will be mounted. Once thats installed with my gimbal attached, that still leaves me 2 cameras available for other angles @spunktsch :wink:

Thank you to those reading and providing tips to me, it is very helpful!

Hope all is well with you all!


this looks really great!

what you also could try (if the light is not adjustable) point it towards the white wall and use that as softener/ lightbounce.
The pocket is really great. I also have one and its the best for vacation with small kids. :slight_smile:

and if you need help editing it I gladly help out.


First video test run is finished.

This is just a “jam” video, no reason to talk or explain anything.

I figured out the exact screen overlay I wanted and executed.

@spunktsch I will need some fill lighting, and film exclusively in the evening. I used an RGB light, my TV, and overhead ring light (dimmed way down)

I lose clarity on the far left edge as I need to improve the lighting to get better exposure.

My secondary camera ended up being perfect for the screens.

It’s short and sweet, hope you enjoy.

Edit: forgot to mention that I’m using Shiro Gaffa for my delay, and the free MOD Convolution IR plugin for verb on the MDX, and RMPro for mastering out of the dwarf. Only adjustment made was normalizing the audio as a part of the video creation process.


I’m glad to see that you saved the little note @Elk_wrath :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing this, it seems that it’s going on a cool path!