How to see the midi messages coming in

Hello there,

Is there a plugin, or a log of some sort, that would just print out any midi messages received through midi in ?



Do you mean a plugin that shows incoming Midi-values (e.g. sent from a midi controller)? I use this plugin (it is in Beta): MIDI display - MOD Audio


that’s the one !
Many thank Kim, I keep forgetting searching the Betas.


Ok so I have my ancient Livid Code 2 plugged in and it can drive my Dwarf. Sweet!

Stage two would be to have the feedback working → is there a way for the Dwarf to output, let’s say, the corresponding CCs when I turn the knob on the effect ?

Another, related question is: is there a way for a pedal board to send all the current midi values associated with it ?
(so that the midicontroller can refresh its values, you see what I mean? Got to keep the UI on the controller in sync with the actual parameter value on the plugin).


I like your way of thinking! This would be a good and tricky Midi concept. It is a petty that I am in Karachi right now, 6000 km away from my Dwarf. So, I have to answer just by remembering.

For being able to send CC values of the rotation of a knob of a plugin you can use a CV-plugin. Then use a CV to Midi plugin (is this existing? I am not remembering properly) for converting it to CC. I am not sure then how to send it for sending normally I use the the infamous mindi - MOD Audio, but this is only sending fixed values. May be there is another on available (please also check the betas)?

If this works you should use the same method for sending all Midi values after loading of a pedalboard as well.


Hey Kim,

The dwarf does not take much space in a suitcase does it :slight_smile: ?
Although there is a midi to cv, even 2, I can’t find a cv to midi…

In fact, what I am on about, is whether or not we can turn the Drarf into a midi controller…

Ok so if I use a control to CV, to drive my knob, and also send this guy to a infamous mindi, I can achieve what I want… at least that will send midi out when I turn the knob.

And, I can assign the knob of the control to CV to my midi controller. Not too bad :slight_smile:

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For turning buttons on Plugins it is always a good idea to use a CV-plugin instead of turning the knob directly because the CV-values can be used for lots of things. Is your Midi controller ready for getting CV-values as well (not only Midi values)? CV values can be sent if I remember right…


So, this is what I exaclty love about the Dwarf: You can approach the target step by step and experiment a lot…


yes, I agree, there is no limit really.
Ok but then I that’s going to be a busy pedal board :slight_smile: with 2 additional plugins for each knob I want to control … hopefully they are very economical in terms of energy consumption.


The last thing I need to know is find a way for all the CVs driving a midi control to be nudged upon loading the snapshot to output the midi value of their corresponding knob…
I think turning off and on all the Control to CV plugins will do just that.
Now the question is how to turn off and on each of these cv plugin once the snapshot is loaded…

There must be a way to do that with maybe CV ABS or CV Round or Logic Operators maybe in conjunction with a LFO… anyone :slight_smile: ?

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For being able to answer this I am now too far away from my Dwarf (i am a German in Karachi this week, as allready mentioned). This must be found out by testing. Anyone who has an idea?

These CV-plugins are not consuming much of the processor power. I think you can take even lots of them.


there is a way, which is not very convenient and should be handled by default from the dwarf. Every assigned midi should also get an output automatically.

This is the Pedalboard with the TouchOSC interface. I’ve connected Midi to the CV control wich is connected to the reverbs and the setbfree (which only acts as the midiout to the TochOSC).

With this setup I can change the reverb level on the dwarf board or the TouchOSC and keep them in sync. Most useful when loading the pedalboard and don’t have to wiggle the knops first to get them to post to TouchOSC.


yep, so I get more or less the same result with the set up I have explained above.

Now what I want is a way for the dwarf to refresh the external midi device upon start up…

My initial idea is to use a LFO (which starts doing stuff upon start up) and use a logical CV kind of arrangement to turn off, and then on, all my control to CVs, so that they will cause all my midi assigned controls to spit out their current CC value…


that is what it does for me on loading the pedalboard. At least with TouchOSC which is midi over usb.
This of cause works only when the midi controller ist the first to be booted up.


I am also using midi over usb, and the midi device gets its juice via his usb connection to the dwarf…
I am not with ny dwarf now so I can’t test but I am pretty sure that I don’t have this behaviour of publishing the current midi value as a post load step.
If the setbfree is not much of a energy guzzler, I will swap if for the control to cv…

At the end of the day, I can have over 40 controlled knobs …


ok so now I tested changing pedalboard, changing snapshots, and I have this behaviour as well !
Sweet. I am all sorted :slight_smile: Thanks !


wow! I’d love to see a video of all this in action :slight_smile:

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I will try to make one tonight…


Hop very crude little vid.
Asks questions if you have any.


That is so awesome! I feel like demos of this type of functionality would be good selling points to certain demographics.

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