Hi! Come Introduce Yourself!

Hi, i am Ed.

I am here cause I love guitars, amps, pedals and everything related.

Installing AIDA-X atm, cant wait to try.

King regards



Welcome, new fellas. Hope you are enjoying your MOD Units :slight_smile:


Hello MOD maniacs!
One more here: a bass player with MOD Dwarf. My motivation to get this unit was to have an access to synth sounds and the option to create new ones. I misunderstood there was a chance to convert audio to midi somehow, even I know its tricky with the low frequencies.
Anyway, I would like to learn how to use these synths for bass and produce mine, but I am a total beginner in this, no clue what is CV or modulators, so I have to study this.
Is there any wiki about this in terms of MOD Dwarf usage? I mean what plugins are essential, the tweeks, etc. I read many posts here about this, but doesnt work well for me so far. So I use the Gsynth templates, but bass is a bit specific perhaps.

I admire the deepneess of the posibilities or the little box and I thank to the creators and contributors a lot.
I have few ideas esp. about the web GUI that would IMHO make it even better, perhaps I am not the first one:

  • a replace function for a connected plugin with another one as in Ableton would save time with cabling
  • solo listen to one specific plugin in the chain would make it more easy to build, choose and organise the pedalboard. For exeample in the preview info page opened from the bottom plugin strip
  • UNDO function would perhaps do at least half of the work of the point 1, to be able to get back the previous plugin easily
  • zooming and panning is very clumsy, middle mouse wheel would help a lot, as many said here
  • would be more easy to orientate if we can open the pedalboard directly from the banks as it is more organised there
  • the low bar plugin strip could pop up more delayed, it always opens when I operate the plugins in the bottom part of the pedalboard. grrrr
  • the knobs and sliders of the plugins appear just as unfunctional squares (Chrome on Macbook). I have to open each plugin to tweek it.
  • I would put the keyword fulltext search bar in Banks tab over the Select pedalboards to find more easily the pedalboard I wanna add to my bank. I know I can use CTRL+F but filtering is better

thanks again for taking this that far! Please dont stop here .)


Hi, Andy here. I’m mainly a Chapman Stick player these days, and naturally I’m attracted to these units because of the ability to use completely discreet signal paths for bass and high signal processing. I’ve been lurking around Mod Devices for a few years, and I finally bought a Mod Dwarf on sale recently. So far I’m finding it mostly intuitive, except it took me a while to get onto the GUI page. I do have a few questions, which I’m hoping to find answers for here :sweat_smile:
Have a great day everyone.


Hello! Oortone here, interested in Mod Devices. Had a question regarding polyphony of CV-modules but seems like I’ll have to wait to start a topic. I fulfilled the requirements for posting but can’t post my question anyway. A well, maybe anoter day…


I bumped up your trust level. Try posting now. Also, welcome!


Thanks, and thanks.

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Hi everyone ! I’m a self taught producer/engineer and my dream is to make it as a full time job !


Hi - I’m Ed and I record and release under the moniker of Invictus Hifi.

Loving the DUO X so far and can see it becoming a vital part of my studio setup - especially in terms of integrating it with Modular.


Hi, I am an artist and a studio owner from the Philippines and just bought a used Mod Dwarf off of Reverb. Glad to have joined this forum! You may see me in YT under Pickcut Studios, for some demos and what-not. I am still learning how to use the dwarf, but looking forward I will use it with my Tonex and guitar. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m new here, I play saxophone and have just bought a mod DUO, excited to test it with my instrument!


Hy there,
My name is Mike Ryser.
I love to have new toys and play with them :grin:
So I have a studio with amps, guitars, multieffects, keys …
I am also singer in the band [re:fine].


Same for me


I have a ModDuoX and have been exploring it for a few years. I use it with a Squarp Pyramid sequencer to experiment and create tracks. I play saxophone, EWI, as well as a midi keyboard to create sounds and then use either Pyramid and/or Cakewalk to jam over the sessions. The MOD environment is really unique and has so much potential. I learned a lot with trial and error after much frustration. I wish there were things like copy/paste to quickly build new pedal boards. I’m thinking of creating a document that shows how I like to create new boards and assign controls that may be helpful to others delving into this world. I started using the Cardinal VCV rack this year and find that fascinating and useful. The downside there is that is becomes quite taxing on the Mod CPU. But this platform is so unique and has so many possibilities that it deserves time and attention. Enjoy!


Hi @Pyramid4756! It’s so exciting to see a fellow wind player over here (we are rare in the pedal community!!)
I was surprised to see you mentioning Cardinal VCV -I am a fan of VCV Rack and modular stuff, but didn’t know this port! Thank you for bringing to my attention; downloading already…

Anyway, I was wondering if you could point me to the right documentation to understand how to load Cardinal VCV onto my Mod DUO? Thanks!


Welcome to the MOD Family :slight_smile:

Mod Dwarf arrived this week and after a bit of fiddling with noise levels (Reamp box with ground lift and isolated balanced out fixed it for anyone interested) Ive plugged it into a Fender FR-12. All I need now is another one for stereo!
What a magical box of tricks. Ive drifted away a million times. Drum loops, synth lines and noodling reverb n delay drenched guitar.
I agree with @Pyramid4756. Cut copy n paste and merge / import of boards would be very useful.


Hi metronomme, welcome and thanks for the question on Cardinal VCV. Here are a few notes and suggestions about how to use Cardinal based on my experience.

  • Ensure you have the most recent version - (Releases · DISTRHO/Cardinal · GitHub)
  • Open existing template or start fresh in your DAW
  • Don’t make it too complex because the Mod won’t be able to handle it.
  • Export to Mod
  • I suggest opening a new Mod pedal board with just one Cardinal module because you don’t know which one it will push to.
  • In your DAW Cardinal go to File > Connect to Remote
  • Then File > Deploy to Remote
  • Note: the open demo that loads well for me is the Classic Synth
  • Test how it performs from the Mod. Then save as a name you will remember.
  • If there are CPU issues then you’ll need to scale back the complexity and push again.
  • I recommend scaling back effects like reverb and delay. Use the effects from the Mod instead.

Good luck!

hey all, tatch here. i was semi-active on linuxmusicians about a decade ago and see some familiar handles. i bought a dwarf second-hand a couple days ago and i’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me :slight_smile: one thing I’m a bit confused about is that my headphone channels seem to be swapped, does anyone have any info about this?


Hi all!

I’m a guitar player from Spain and I’ve been following the forum for quite a while now. I think the Mod Dwarf is an amazing tool and the evolution has been exciting. Also the community is great!

I’m now almost convinced to pull the trigger and buy it but I would like to ask a few questions about the product.

It’s great to be here! Thanks!!