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Welcome to the community @d_artois !!

It comes pre-loaded from factory with many banks of great boards. I believe you can have a lot of fun before resorting to the assembly of new boards.

If you have any issues connecting, let us know and we’ll surely assist you.


Hello all, I recently added a MOD Dwarf to my guitar pedalboard. I spent many years focusing on electronic music production but have brought guitar back into my life in a big way over the past year, and I think that the MOD Dwarf is the perfect jumping off point for any modern pedalboard. I use analog overdrive via the kernom ridge, tube preamplification via two notes Revolt, dedicated cab simulation via two notes c.a.b, and thanks to the Dwarf I can let my imagination run wild with other effects before and after that chain, fully automate anything I want in a DAW, and take the sounds I create in the studio with me anywhere. Definitely the most underrated product for guitarists!


Welcome @cactus_boofer

I am very curious to hear where the Dwarf will take your imagination to :slight_smile:

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Hi Ian,
very nice! :wave:
I hold my MDW since one week and I don’t wanna miss it no more already… Wondering myself how quick and intuitive all happened as my main task was to sorta copy my sound designed on my AxeFx3 at first. Aside of that I totally agree with you - the MOD Devices are a great choice for Stickistas.


Check this falkTX answer, it might be useful for you

Hi everybody ,
This Adrian from the northwest of Mexico
i produce and compose music for media
and playing with this neural toys like ModDwarf , modeling for AIDA ,IRs etc

all my best wishes for al :slight_smile:



My name is Radek, GNU/Linux sysadmin, developer and a guitarist in the Czech band Cuk Letu.
I am planning to plug MOD Dwarf into my live rig. New possibilities in the form of AIDA, Cab IRs, … are excellent.


Wellcome @Radek !

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I’ve owned a Mod Dwarf for about a year and the AIDA capability sounds powerful. I’m a novice with electric instruments and am learning to play a Chapman Stick model called the Railboard.
I’ve been reading forum posts since buying the Dwarf but now have a reason to post to Using Mod devices–the tuner display freezes after a couple of minutes; I’m running 1.13.1. And this always happens. I can escape from tuner mode and go back in to tuner as a workaround.



I noticed some tuner freeze problems too but i can not reproduce it every time.


switching back and forth between the two inputs seems to unlock the tuner’s freeze for me.

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I’m an original backer and a geezer in Kansas City, Missouri USA who hopes to live long enough to get out and play again.

I was in IT - first as primarily a corporate COBOL programmer with some C experience, then as an independent contractor doing more corporate COBOL programming for a couple of different companies. I switched from contracting through a couple of different contracting companies to going completely independent doing small business support. I officially retired in 2008, kept doing a little contracting work, and started focusing on music again.

I’m here primarily to read and learn - chiefly to research the protocol used in the device chain communication. I don’t know if it’s an industry standard audio network protocol (Comparison of audio network protocols - Wikipedia) or something developed in house. Just curious.

I’m just going to “lurk and learn” and try not to get in anyone’s way.


Welcome Dave !

Nice to have you here.

I see that you’re from Kansas City. So you’re a neighbour of JHS pedals. If you ever bump into one of their team member in a bar or something (ok, I do already know Kansas City is NOT a small village), please do talk to them about the Dwarf!!!


JHS has an impressive array of pedals. I’m thinking about getting one of their a/b/y pedals so I can switch back and forth between the mod chain and straight into the amp. I was looking at a/b/y pedals and when I learned they were from KC I decided they were the obvious choice. Haven’t gotten it yet but probably will when I put everything together once the expression pedal gets here.

If I talk to any of the JHS people I’ll definitely bring up the Dwarf and the project as a whole.


Hi all,

Paul here, originally from the UK but I have been based in northern Italy for quite some time now (so hi to @miss_demeanor, @Zavorra and all the other Italian MODi ) I play bass and recently acquired a MOD Dwarf: we are in the process of getting used to one another but so far I’m impressed.

I am a software engineer by training and although I don’t develop anything like as much as I used to, through my day-job I am still active in open-source/open-data/open-science in the context of earthquake hazard and disaster risk reduction. I would like to say that the open-source/open-hardware aspects of MOD’s approach were a contributing factor in my decision to purchase the Dwarf.

Shoutout to @SamIAm whose helpful and enthusiastic posts on Basschat also contributed to my buying the Dwarf.



Welcome to the family @pslh ! x


Hi all,
New dwarf user, used four times since I own it, every time in a live situation.
Quite happy with it, lacking a way to simply increase/decrease overall output volume when a snapshot is selected.
Perhaps a midi expression pedal that would be guaranteed to be compatible, but searching the forum, I didn’t find one (or they are discontinued).


You can use pretty much any midi device. I use a FCB1010 but also, from times to times, this:

Akai Professional LPD8 Laptop Pad MIDI Controller at Gear4music which has a bunch of knobs which can be used to adjust any control.

And also (I know, it’s a bit exotic), I sometime use a simple Microsoft joystick which has a throttle control that I got from a charity shop for £1 years ago.


Welcome to the family @Vincent !
The Dwarf support midi over usb or mini-jack, to use old skool midi you would need an adapter. As @Azza says, there are many midi devices that are compatable. Ideally aim for an expression pedal that can calibrate itself (as if it does not send the full range of 0 - 127 there is little to be done about it on the Dwarf).
In my current setup I use a MVAVE Chocolate, it gives me 4 midi footswitches as well as a TRS input for my expression pedal, it is powered by and sends midi over the usb connection … it is not the most sophisticated device but is rugged, small and cheap!

Another approach is to use a passive vol pedal between your Dwarf and amp (or whatever) … less elegant, but I suggest less espensive.
Before this tho, it might be worth (if you’ve not already) gainstaging your pedalboard/snapshots to try and get as even an output for a given input as you can whenever you switch.


That is a much needed skill in Italy, thanks!!!

Good luck with your Dwarf.