Hi! Come Introduce Yourself!

@miss_demeanor , welcome Alice from another bass player! :slight_smile:


Hi, Alice

It is nice and somehow unexpected how many people from italy here

As we say in Rome: “Dajee!” :slight_smile:


I recently went for the 150€ option and received my Dwarf yesterday.

I freaking love this thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The UI on the pedal in control mode is so intuitive. The browser interface is great.
And it most definitely CHUGs! :metal::grin:

I already shared a very basic metal guitar pedalboard and I can imagine creating some more, because I feel, that the Metal guitar and bass players need some more to choose from in the online pedalboards. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the warm welcome! <3

Elk_wrath I’ve watched several of your videos over the past months, really like your music. Never even tried operating a Strega (translates to Witch in Italian!) because it’s so intimidating.

Zavorra one of our “little club” members was from Rome, and he was good with Daaaaaiiiiii(s). All others are/were from northern Italy. One has a Dwarf, all others have/had Duo Xs.

malfunction54 What is that bass you’re playing in the Funk video? Looks super cool.

Smanth Thanks for the welcome. My family has a long roster of NHS nurses, past and present. All currently overworked, underpaid and overstressed…

I’m here to talk shop with all members. I’ve been visiting the forum for a long time but deferred asking questions to some of my fellow users here. Now, since the group is down to just the three of us, I’ll be participating in the discussion. I have no intention of being a drag here but intend to push for a more decisive position from Mod Devices when it comes to the Duo X. Hope that doesn’t tick anyone off (gianfranco and friedsilence in special) but I believe our demands are fair and should be heard.

Thanks all.

(I had to remove all the quotes from my post due to some restriction for new members, sorry.)


Hi @miss_demeanor

Welcome to the community. Glad to have you here. And what a great moniker, btw :slight_smile:

As @Elk_wrath has stated, at the moment we lack the resources to be able to focus on two products and, due to a number of reasons, we opted to focus on the Dwarf. But we still support the Duo X to the best of our capacities. Is there something specific that you’d like to be addressed?

Not at all :slight_smile:


Hey y’all, I was gonna come on here and ask a development question but I don’t have access. Could you help me out?

Or, if you prefer, the answer might be a one-liner: are plugins able to modify their own parameters?

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(When I say “I don’t have access”, I mean I don’t have the ability to post anything yet)

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Hi @Jesse_Hufstetler

You need to participate a bit before the forum system grants you trust to create posts.

LV2 specs do not allow that, but @falkTX might be the best person to respond.

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true… unless someone with slight powers raises your level manually! :wink:
…which i might have just done!.. :wink:


Hi there Everyone! I am new to the Aida-x forums and just finished a capture of my Peavey ValveKing VK100 head. so far pretty descent sound.


question how to post for models?

Hi @ReedDunn

We have a dedicated category for it: Model Sharing - MOD Audio Forum

Simply create a new post with the file attached and the relevant information regarding the capture (amp name, cab or no-cab, model weight, etc)

Looking forward to try it :slight_smile:

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That is a 1998 Pedulla MVP-5. It has been my “forever” bass since 2002. I absolutely love it, but in my advancing age (ahem), it is beginning to cause some back strain.

Hi Gianfranco,

Thanks for the welcome.

Haha, thanks. But I confess it was not my idea… It came actually from another Duo X user who used to live in the area and had this super sharp and witty sense of humour. My day job is spotting fraud in financial trading, so he said I was detective Miss Demeanor. That guy was the most prolific Mod user of all, a pity he’s now gone.

I don’t want to clutter this Intro thread with that. I’ll wait until I can start them. In the meantime I’ll post comments to existing topics.


I am new to the forum and a new owner of a mod dwarf.
I am a hobby guitarist and look forward to integrate the device into my one man band type rig including a Roland GR55 and a TC Helicon VL3.
Had to install a driver as per the trouble shooting instructions to access the GUI. Very clear instructions made this easy. Since I have been enjoying exploring the capabilities and sounds which are good so far.
At the moment I cannot upload any files to the file manager e.g. specific amps for Aida X or sound files but will keep looking at this and post a thread when I have permission.
Thanks to Mod Devices and the developers of the plug ins for such good work.


Welcome @Colin !

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cool thanks!just upload my Peavey VK100 head! :smile:


HI! my name is henri d’artois. i play guitar. i’m a composer and i also work in multi voices environment. i also love improvisation sarting from scratch. at this time my work turns around litterature and poetry associated with music and other sounds. i am 77 and i no longer may read Tintin wich is aloud fom 7 to 77… :rofl:
my own DWARF arrived today! but unfortunately until now i could not connect it to bild any board…
incidentaly i live in the south of France, near Montpellier.
glad to be here!


Welcome Henri!


Welcome, or rather bienvenue Henri.

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