Hi! Come Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the MOD Forum @m.useon :slight_smile:

Probably someone was just faster than me, but I believe that you already have permission to create new threads. Can you confirm?

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yes, i’ve started my first thread already :slight_smile: thank you!


Hi all, I go by Coffee Table Workshop. I am using a MOD Dwarf as a customizable pedalboard for both a bass guitar and synthesizers. I really love its flexibility for different instruments and genres!


Hi Laurent, I also had a lot of noise when I use the MOD Dwarf before my bass amp. I have not figured out a good way to get them to work together unless I turn the amp gain almost all the way down. If I decide to make the Dwarf part of my live setup, I’ll plan on getting a noise gate.


Hi @coffeetableworkshop , I did several things to manage the background noise. All the details by PM!


Welcome to the forum, @coffeetableworkshop.

When you’re able and if so inclined, please post some of your music and/or setup ideas. You can also share pedalboards from inside your Mod.

Some advice on noise issues can be found here, here and here. Please notice that not all solutions are endorsed by MOD.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Mod Audio UG.


Thanks. I sent a response.

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I think I have an acceptable solution for now. I plugged my bass into my mixer upstream of the Dwarf to boost the level and lower the impedance. The noise level at the amp output dropped to less than a quarter of what it was initially, plus the mixer is already part of my live setup for my synths.


Hey @coffeetableworkshop, first of all, welcome here! That sounds like some interesting use cases that you will get out of the MOD Dwarf. As @QuestionMarc suggested, please share some stuff :slight_smile:

On this part, that’s less good. When you set the gain in the amp like you said can you still get a decent overall volume? or not? And what happens if you do the other way around and decrease the Dwarf output gain?

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Hi @jon, thanks for the help. I could not get high enough volume with the amp gain so low and increasing the pedal gain did not help. Interestingly, the noise occurs at about the same level regardless of the pedal gain.

What did work was plugging my bass directly into my mixer, boosting it, sending it to the pedal from the aux channel then outputting to the amp. I believe the bass output was just too low because the synths don’t need any boost. I don’t have a DI, but I usually use the mixer for live stuff anyway. I also want to try with balanced cables later.

Here’s one track I did which uses the MOD Dwarf for the electric piano, some reverb, and tape stop.


That certainly helps. The only issue will be bringing impedance and level back to where your amp needs them. This is what reamp boxes do. That adds yet another piece of gear to your rig, though. (And they don’t come cheap)

Mod Dwarf’s outputs are balanced, see here. They will always bee too noisy for most regular instrument amps.

Loved it. Cute pup, car wash always make them curious. Loved the synth leads from “Dialed In” too.

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Well, I’ve been lurking and posting here and there for a bit now, I suppose it’s about time I introduce myself.


I’m a new MOD user, just having recently got my founder’s edition Dwarf delivered, though MOD has been on my radar since way back to the Duo kickstarter. Decided to finally take a plunge with the Dwarf!

My name’s Marshall, I’m in Canada and have been playing guitar for over 20 years. Experience-wise, I’m somewhere between hobbyist and semi-professional; I’m used to gigging as the lead guitarist in a cover band at least a night a week for the past decade, though post-2020 that’s slowed down. Hopefully I can tame the anxiety around performing solo and get myself out to some open mics or track down some jam spots to get playing out a bit more frequently.

Gear-wise, I’ve been using multi-effects and digital modelling for ages; I’ve long used Line 6 stuff, from various PODs to more recently a Helix. But I’ll also play through my tube amp sometimes, or break out and effects pedal or two. I like options :slight_smile:

Oh, also… software developer by trade. I did do some audio/signal processing back in university courses, but I’m not sure my skills in that specific area are up to plugin development. Ah well.

Anyway… that’s me. Hi everybody :wave:


Good to officially meet you!

I am glad you finally got your dwarf, and I sincerely hope it meets your expectations.

I’ve been away from the forums for quite some time, and I cant wait to see what you produce with your new pedal!

Hope all is well with you, and yours!

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Welcome to the forum, @Trilby – from the now thawing banks of the Rideau river.

Keeping the good ol’ tube amp handy and some pedals (plus other options) is always a good idea – unless we ask that question to our spouses. :grimacing:

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Oh, interesting. I’m not very knowledgeable about amps since I have mostly been using synths up until recently. The learning process is very fun though! :thought_balloon:

Thanks for listening!


Hi everyone, I’m a new MOD Dwarf user, and besides the large plugin library, I appreciate the opened platform concept. Happy to discover the seemingly very friendly and open minded community !


Hey @skorqa!

Welcome to the MOD community!

I’m glad to hear you got your dwarf and are enjoying it!

If you are new to the forum and can’t post topics quite yet, don’t fret, someone will bump your privileges.

Hopefully we have all sort of good info here for you to dig through, and feel free to ask questions anytime.



Hi and welcome,

I invite you to read my journal, it might help you along the way if you are here for guitar sounds :wink:


Hi @skorqa! Wellcome in the Mod community!


Hi guys! My name is Youssry Taha, I play Banjo & electric Banjo in multiple HipHop/Jazz/World music bands. I just got my Dwarf and am having a blast trying so many cool things out !

Love everything MOD so far <3