Has the original Expression Pedal been killed

I recently picked up one of these 2nd hand to try out, but have been unable to get my mod duo to recognise it.

WOW! How did you manage to get your hands on this?

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Someone listed it for sale locally and I thought it could be cool.

Currently it is a very cool brick. If there is no firmware fix, I may retrofit something inside it.

Yeah it doesn’t look like the expression pedal is going to be a reality any time soon!!

You misunderstand. I already have the pictured device, it just won’t show as a connected Control Chain device.

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It’s great that you’re one of the few who do. Sorry that it’s not working!! Hopefully you’ll get it worked out. For the rest of us……. We wait!:crossed_fingers:t4:

If I’m not mistaken, you all are talking about 2 different devices. I believe the one in this thread is the very old one mentioned in the wiki, and not the one that has been delayed: Expression pedal update - #17 by gianfranco. The Newer one is larger and has a display.

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This is a very old product (from when Quadra was still a thing, pre Duo even!), not the one that has been (slowly) worked on the past years.

I’m sure it is “technically” possible to update this firmware to use it on modern MOD units, however we need some more information from the team of course.

I suppose that the firmware upgrade in the advanced settings does not work?

Somehow the pcb makes me think this was hand soldered. Lots of flux marks all around. Maybe this was even a prototype?
Very likely there were only ever a handful of these sent out. Quadra was only a very limited run itself.

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My bad, I stand corrected!! I thought that was the new one that was purchased….


Where did you get this unit? I hope it was not advertised as a working product.

We made those back in Brazil, for the MOD Quadra. They will not work on the Duo, Duo X or Dwarf.

This was supposed to be the unit made for the Kickstarter Duos from 2014. The enclosures were even produced in Brazil.

Through the development of the Duo, ControlChain had to be re-thought. The Quadra has an actual IBM PC board inside and the Duo was the first ARM SoC we made. It’s limitations and “defects” led a complete redesign, which reached the hardware communication level and thus, it does not work on the Duo, nor Duo X or Dwarf.


I’ve that one as well.
As far I understand it requires a arduino shield to make it work, see here:
and for the code:

it has the Expression Pedal in the examples, but, I never go so far. so didn’t know if that all is still valid.

AHA! I should try that.

If I understand correctly the whole control chain stack is being reworked and the “Arduino related” stuff is not working

Waiting for it you could plug an Arduino, a teensy LC or maybe an esp32 and send midi commands