Expression pedal update

I’d expect that we’ll hear something about the expression pedal once the MOD Duo X starts shipping, but I’m not really expecting any news until then.

Ouah that’s really impressive.
I’m not familiar with all this, and I do not understand it.
I assume the USB cable coming out of the Mod goes in the Teensy, and then I’m lost …

  • you plug all 10 switches on the Teensy, and they send a Midi signal on USB to the Mod (that’s standard library ?)
  • I’m not sure about the ADCs, there is no sound right in this setup, only angle of the expression pedal ?
  • you are not using the arduino shield right ? I thought that was what is was for :smiley:
    congratulation for this !
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I’m also interrested in your DIY, can you make a little tuto ?


waitaminute… there’s a blue MOD Duo?!?! :mage:


any news @gianfranco ?

Last mile here too, but kind of halted for the moment.

Here are two images:

I have the final gear samples and they look very good. The current problem is that the metal parts supplier is making some mistakes and did not yet managed to send me a pedal with the threaded studs (inside the red rectangle) positioned properly.

There was a promise from their side to ship it soon. They are also the supplier for the Footswitch and, since there is an order of it running, there is some extra confusion on their side.

Since last year I have been working towards having an actual team member in Shenzhen to handle the interface with suppliers in a proper manner. That is already in place and our agent has managed to source reliable supplier that we’re already using for the China made parts of the Duo and the Duo X.

I decided to stick with our original supplier for the Expression because “they had already started and were halfway done” but that is starting to look as a bad choice :frowning:

Here’s another image:

As you can see, even the boxes are ready :wink:

As soon as the new pedal arrives and, provided it is correct this time, I’ll update you all


Thanks for the update. Good to hear that there’s someone in place at the supplier’s site!

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Just to make sure I understand:

The hardest part - the gear assembly - is done, but the hangup is the metal parts supplier can’t get the holes in the right place??

Haha yeah I have a blue one too! Ordered the color as part of the original Kickstarter campaign. I love mine and ppl think it’s a Strymon since I use it mainly as an ambient pedal.

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Thanks @gianfranco for the update. Since someone mentioned the blue color of the Duo - I suppose it’s not possible to have a blue expression pedal? Pretty please?

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Yes, as ridiculous it might seem.

The issue here is a communication one. The message is passed from me to an interpreter/salles person that speaks english, who then handles it to an technician from their company and speaks only chinese, who then forwards it to the contractor that does the metallurgy and also speaks only chinese.

My main reason for having an agent in Shenzhen is to skip most of these middlemen and talk directly to the people who are actually doing the work.


No. I would not even dare to try :wink:

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I new to the Mod Duo party just having got one… Will there be any chance for us late comers to get hold of a pedal ? it’s very missing for me…

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How are things going in Shenzhen?


What’s happening with the expression pedal?


Do we have some news about it ? I really feels like I’v been NOT using my MOD the way that I need to use it (I mean, in my rehersals, gigs, even shows), because this “simple” detail - The Expression Pedal.
Wah, Volume, Effects Control, etc… everything needs the expression pedal. Can we have some info about it ?
I confess that’s been a “little bit” frustrating to see the new Mod X starting to sell, and, all of us still waiting for almost 3 years, and still don’t have the Expression Pedal. I’v been completely patient, and always give support for the team, but, as I said, part of the Mod Duo stay useless without an Expression Pedal.
Sorry about the text, but I think that we deserve a little bit more attention.
Best regards.
Mariva Lima.


Putting it like that, it does sound indeed frustrating.

I have not been involved with the expression pedal, but I have seen a prototype and how its firmware will be presented on the screen.
There is a calibration step, for which its implementation has been finished recently.
Firmware-wise I believe it is only a matter of choosing exactly how the display will behave, and then its own self-test (the footswitch has one as well, by the way).
Everything else is more or less ready to go, software-wise. We even did a change in v1.7 way of dealing with control chain devices in preparation for it, as we “unlocked” addressed parameters, but one person cannot just send a request to the pedal and have it physically move the wheels :stuck_out_tongue:
So hardware actuators (by that I mean buttons, knobs, etc) can have a flag reporting “I dont support feedback, so don’t even try”. That will be the case for the pedal.

The main problem is the supplier for the parts. But this is not something I can give information on, as I do not know myself.

We do take the pedal quite seriously though, really unfortunate that it has taken this long and still not shipped to users.
It is for sure coming, as it is an essential part of the MOD family.
Apologies for the delay.


Hey! I’ve got an idea. How about a special early shipment with the studs but no holes and a template to “drill-your-own-holes”? Drill the holes, put the studs in, mount the board…

You could even give a credit towards a Duo X to those of us adventurous/desperate enough to try it!

Really thanks for your answer @falkTX !! Sorry if my post sounds agressive or something like that, and please, was not the intention…never!!!
I really respect, admire the team efforts and knowledgement, and I completely understood all the things that envolve this kind of issue (parts, supplier, etc…) !
I just want to use my MOD on the road, not “only” in studio. I REALLY LOVE my MOD DUO!! I was one of the first ones that believe in the project, and I fell very proud about it !!
Thank’s again for all answers, and I’m still waiting (anxious, o course… lol…) to complete the MOD family !
Best regards.

Mariva Lima.


Any news?