Expression pedal update

What’s the latest news on the expression pedal?


Hi @Dave_Parker,

We have had to go back to the drawing board for the expression pedal. It’s not been easy to make something that goes beyond the average pedals, with more use cases and functionalities.

We will have details in the second quarter of this year.

Just a little more patience :slight_smile:


beautiful… love to hear that you’re digging in, to make it the best it can possibly be!

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Thanks for the update!

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Are there other options to purchase an expression pedal elsewhere that’s an easy set up with the mod?

I need one while waiting for the mod one.


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Hi @Liosbeg,

Right now, what you could do is build a jack-to-controlchain adapter, which will allow you to use virtually any expression pedal with the Duo.


Yes, I had seen this before but it’s not viable as I use both jack ports on mod already. I use a musical instrument on it that requires two inputs and outputs.

Are there any other options? Preferably something I can just buy and plug in to go straight away?

Thanks in advance.

That’s the thing, with thhe adapter you transform the jack from a regular expression pedal into a control chain output that you can plug into the control chain port of the Duo…

I don’t know if there are any MIDI-based plug and play solutions though. @jesse, might shed some light here.

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@Liosbeg yes, there are. but quite expensive. the seemingly most reasonable solution i found is this: has a exp to midi converter starting at 49$ for 1 input.

if i don’t find the time to tweak my exp to controlchain device, i might consider this also for the meantime… if you buy it, let me know how the overall quality is.

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Any news on this?
I’m OK to wait but please send us any news/progress on the pedal.

Build your own :slight_smile: I used a teensy 3.2 in this and hooked up two ADC’s to two stereo jacks at the back of the unit. There’s only one exp pedal connected right now since I own only one ;)The 10 buttons are just triggers and send CC’s. The nice thing is it’s completely custom programmable to do whatever you want.

The single most expensive part of this build was the housing :wink: All in all it’s about 100 euros or so… Oh and about a week of your time if you’ve never done it before :slight_smile:


I’d expect that we’ll hear something about the expression pedal once the MOD Duo X starts shipping, but I’m not really expecting any news until then.

Ouah that’s really impressive.
I’m not familiar with all this, and I do not understand it.
I assume the USB cable coming out of the Mod goes in the Teensy, and then I’m lost …

  • you plug all 10 switches on the Teensy, and they send a Midi signal on USB to the Mod (that’s standard library ?)
  • I’m not sure about the ADCs, there is no sound right in this setup, only angle of the expression pedal ?
  • you are not using the arduino shield right ? I thought that was what is was for :smiley:
    congratulation for this !
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I’m also interrested in your DIY, can you make a little tuto ?


waitaminute… there’s a blue MOD Duo?!?! :mage:


any news @gianfranco ?

Last mile here too, but kind of halted for the moment.

Here are two images:

I have the final gear samples and they look very good. The current problem is that the metal parts supplier is making some mistakes and did not yet managed to send me a pedal with the threaded studs (inside the red rectangle) positioned properly.

There was a promise from their side to ship it soon. They are also the supplier for the Footswitch and, since there is an order of it running, there is some extra confusion on their side.

Since last year I have been working towards having an actual team member in Shenzhen to handle the interface with suppliers in a proper manner. That is already in place and our agent has managed to source reliable supplier that we’re already using for the China made parts of the Duo and the Duo X.

I decided to stick with our original supplier for the Expression because “they had already started and were halfway done” but that is starting to look as a bad choice :frowning:

Here’s another image:

As you can see, even the boxes are ready :wink:

As soon as the new pedal arrives and, provided it is correct this time, I’ll update you all


Thanks for the update. Good to hear that there’s someone in place at the supplier’s site!

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Just to make sure I understand:

The hardest part - the gear assembly - is done, but the hangup is the metal parts supplier can’t get the holes in the right place??

Haha yeah I have a blue one too! Ordered the color as part of the original Kickstarter campaign. I love mine and ppl think it’s a Strymon since I use it mainly as an ambient pedal.

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