Hannes Braun - Airwindows (series)

Airwindows plugins have just been pushed to beta, based on https://github.com/hannesbraun/airwindows-lv2 LV2 port which just got its v1.0 release.

Not all plugins are relevant on a live environment, so we purposefully skipped some of them.
We went through the list of plugins and picked between “yes let’s have them”, “maybe, let’s ask the community for opinions” and “no, skip them”.

There are no GUIs for them yet, but DSP-wise (how they behave as an effect) should be considered final.

The list is of “Yes let’s have them” is:

  • Dyno
  • Mojo
  • Spiral


  • Galactic
  • PocketVerbs
  • StarChild


  • DeBess
  • Baxandall
  • Channel8
  • EveryTrim
  • Mackity
  • Vibrato

And list of “maybe, opinions welcome” is:

  • Acceleration2
  • ADClip7
  • Capacitor
  • Capacitor2
  • ClipOnly
  • ClipOnly2
  • Console7Buss
  • Console7Cascade
  • Console7Channel
  • Console7Crunch
  • EdIsDim
  • MidSide
  • MV
  • Nikola
  • Pressure5
  • Sidepass

So yeah, opinions welcome
And enjoy!

PS: this is the same post as New to the BETA STORE - Feed - #10 by falkTX but you can actually reply to this one :blush:


Great addition to the mod! Just tried the reverbs with the CV drummachine pedalboard and they are great fun to play around with! Adding drony textures and lush ambient soundscapes. Also watched a few videos from Airwindows developer himself aka Chris Johnson. Very inspiring, informative and fun! I can highly recommend it! Thank you!


Thank you!
Airwindows offers a huge selection - yery hard to choose from. I would focus on effects that are underrepresented in the currently available plugins. You did that already, e.g. DeBess would be the first deesser for MOD.
Maybe add a clipper like ADClip7 or even a few more reverbs…


this is so cool and really address the reverb issue I mentioned in the wishlist plugins some time ago. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Amazing Reberbs quality


Plugins are updated to upstream v3.0.
Added Vibrato from the new ones, as the others did not seem that important.


Small update, for trying out using SVGs for airwindows modguis.
For now only one has modgui, the StarChild reverb plugin.
Resources are taken from https://github.com/n0jo/rackwindows as-is, which gives a nice test case for SVGs on a modgui.

Opinions welcome, as I am sure not everyone will like the flat design.
Would be interesting to know if the modgui works/loads well too, as this is the first time we push SVGs as modgui resources.

Note: v1.11.5 or higher is needed in order to see the knobs.


My lord in heaven!
thank you getting this ported!
I’m extremely happy with the new reverbs!

Galactic, MV and pocketverse also in serial!
Super easy to navigate and can make anything great sounding!
Haven’t tried with a guitar, but it does extremely well with both rythmic samples and analogue synths.
What a great addition to the plugin store!
Thank you, very much.
Very appreciated!!


I tried out the star child and it seems to hog CPU, causing XRuns if I put the sustain past about noon. Sounds good otherwise!

Regarding the SVG “flat” style interface, I actually like it. It is not distracting, which is a positive thing.


Thank you guys for the feedback :slight_smile:


FYI, Starchild got a nice review from Gabor of TheSuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow at StarChild - Weird Digital Ambience/Echo Plugin for MOD Audio - YouTube .


Still taking requests??

Hannes Braun has converted a few more airwindows plugins to lv2, but moved the repository which you can find here:

Any chance these can be compiled and uploaded to the beta plugins page?
E: “Point” from the latest update looks juicy.


Given that now we have the Desktop App on the making, the best would be to add it to the desktop to make sure all is ok.


Oh? What’s the functionality of the desktop app and when will it release?

The latest post by @falkTX seems its just a matter of dragging the lv2 file to a folder.

I’ll try and see if I can get it to work come Sunday.
Thanks for the headsup @gianfranco