GUI/General Improvements

Hi Forum
In my recent 3 days of testing I came across some issues / missing features / unease of usage while making pedalboards on the GUI interface.

I would like to kindly address and request following points:

The possibility to

  • undo/forward the last change
  • copy a plugin?
  • see Control values of parameters of plugins (already being addressed)
  • zoom in and out to anywhere in the editor without having to press on a plugin.
    And zooming out only has 2 steps? - more fluidity!
  • rename the knob function shown on dwarf
  • see digitally what is assigned to which knob when assigning a new parameter.
  • replace or delete any parameter from any knob in the device view.
  • name individual pages of the dwarf
  • assign a knob to a Footswitch with specific values
    eg. Signal A/B has 0-100
    Footswitch setting 1 = 0 … 2 = 50 … 3 = 100
  • invert range of any parameter added to device
  • assign two or more values to a knob without having to create a macro
    Billie Delay
    I want the delay divisions L & R to be controlled with 1 knob on dwarf.
    I can only put them individually on 2 knobs of the dwarf.
    Cv controlling them is not available…

On another notice I was wondering one thing about the plugins themselves. Anybody can develop plugins for the mod devices, but you also have a team working on them right?

Normal vsts do not work - they need to be specifically designed for the opensource code - but can you copy and emulate any other hardware or software plugin without any problems?

Say, I wanted to work together with somebody (I don’t know how to Programm, but I know what features and boundaries it needs/what the plugin should sound like) to create an emulation of the space delay re20 - that would be fine?

Thanks for your time and effort
Best regards


Great post ! This is some work for @jon to list all this !!!

Yes !!! :pray:

cool idea too !

+1 again

Already possible (if I understand correctly). When you assign a know to a function you have an Advance panel where you can change the name. I’ve already asked this to be shown be default with no success !

Like this ?

Yes !! It’s hard to get out looking for which parameter is assign to this knob → move it or delete it → then get back to what you want to be assign…

Not sure to understand this. You need names for each pages ?

You can do this with Control to CV but it can be really a mess if you need this for multiple switches…

Great idea !!!

+1 :pray:

Yes, for now this kind of control is not movable via CV, don’t remember why…

Yep, when the plugin is in lv2 format it can be put on your device ! The modTeam is developing some, other are found on git or on developer’s websites…

yes !
A plugin-bounty in the store would be great for this ! If several of us agree on a plugin to convert to lv2, or on the design of a new plugin… and put some money on the project (like kickstarter…) it could boost the arrival of new plugins !


I’d say: these are way too many questions to answer in a single forum thread. Most of these have already been answered in the past so please at least try the search functionality for some topics :slight_smile:

But, @Rom already pretty much answered all of them, so this should hopefully get you going to explore MOD :slight_smile:

The idea of somehow better organizing new plugin development would be nice. There have been several ideas floating about how to do this, but no concrete ideas of what is appropriate and manageable by such a small team. But you can start by opening a topic with your re20 idea in the Plugin Proposals - MOD Devices Forum section


Indeed @Rom :slight_smile:
I’m mapping it out.
Most of these things are acknowledged, we want to improve the WebGUI “soonish”, but first we need to take some “big stones” out of the way. As far as I’m aware, the idea (for now) is to collect WebGUI improvements requests and run a big sprint on it.


Personally, I agree with you. The problem here I believe is not the wish to implement it. It’s rather the time and the priority when compared to other things.
Anyway, it will be certainly in mind when the time comes to look at that side of things.