Touch Screen Operation

Hi all, I got my MOD DUO last Friday used it for an all day rehearsal on Saturday and an event on Sunday and am LOVING it!

I’ve got a Surface Pro 3 which would be ideal for controlling it live (and setting it up), but the touch screen operations seems to fall just short enough to stop it being useful without a keyboard. The two key things I’ve noticed which really caused a problem are:

  • You can’t drag the pedal board around (e.g. by clicking on the “wooden” background) with touch, whereas you can with the pedals themselves.
  • You can’t easily turn the control knobs using touch.

I think if these two things were enabled (if I’m missing something here please tell me) it would be a delight to use on a Win10 tablet.

Have you got any plans for implementing this?




Which browser are you using?
If it’s the default Edge/Internet-Explorer, I suggest trying out Chrome or even Firefox and see how it behaves.

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I’ve been using Chrome as it was recommended. Not actually tried the others.

Should touch work then?

On further investigation Chrome and Firefox work as described above (you can drag pedals but not pan around in the environment or control knobs) with touch.

Touch doesn’t seem to work at all on IE and Edge.

Has anyone else had success with touch screen operation?

A bit more research using Chrome on an Android tablet - this has the same problems as Chrome on the PC.

The biggest issue is that there’s no way to turn the knobs properly. Tapping a knob makes it rotate clockwise by 1 increment but there’s no way to turn it back down again.

This one issue makes it unusable on tablets.

You can change the knob values by typing in numbers, so not totally unusable.

Thanks Gusset. Useful to know that’s possible, but certainly not ideal!

I think my work around will just be to connect a mouse!

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Apologies if no-one is interested in this other than me but I’ve just discovered another work-around when using a Windows tablet.

Windows 10 comes with an onscreen virtual touchpad, consisting of a virtual pad plus mouse buttons - enable it in Settings. This works well for dragging the desktop around and turning the knobs (i.e. everything that was causing me frustration). You can also use it for dragging the pedals around and connecting the cables but that already works (and is more satisfying!) using the touchscreen.

Wish I’d thought of that a few weeks ago!

Would still be nice to have it all work with touch though…


I’m off for a week in Belgium with some other Stick Players next week.
I’ll be taking the Mod Dwarf (of course!!!) and was wondering about taking an Android Tablet to control it, rather than lugging a laptop along.
I’ve just ordered one of the recommended USB5 dongles to speed things up a bit but, using it with the current dongle, with the Chrome browser on Android, it seems that there’s still no way to zoom in on a particular pedal (you can’t double click it like when in Windows). When you use the + and - magnifying glass buttons to zoom in and out it just takes you to the middle of the pedalboard but there’s no way to then drag it around like on a desktop browser, so you can’t access any pedals that aren’t in the middle of the board.

I just tried clicking on the tiny gear icon of a plugin that was towards the edge of the pedalboard but I accidentally deleted it instead.

Am I missing something? Are others having these problems? I notice that noone’s added to this thread since my post in 2017!



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As was the case in 2017, the WebGUI was not yet optimized for mobile devices. It’s a pity and I guess that we all agree with it, but it’s just a matter of priorities vs resources.
We have been collecting quite some requests for WebGUI improvements and hopefully, in the near (but not super close) future we will be able to run some sprints of improvements for the WebGUI. Without looking anywhere, I would say that optimizations for mobile devices is somehow on top of that side of things.


Thanks Jon, no worries - I know you’ve all got a lot on your plate at the moment.
I’ve seen some posts about radical rewrites of the UI but just making what we have more useable on a tablet (by which I just mean being able to zoom and scroll more easily) would be a really useful first move.

All the best,



Thought I’d chime in as an android tablet user, and as much as I love the mod dwarf, my experience of the interface on my tablet has been a bit of a disappointment.
Using a Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite, running android 12, with Firefox and a Bluetooth dongle tethered to my Dwarf.

It could be that there is ways of improving my display options on my limited 10" screen. But fiddling with plugins is a bit of a hassle.
When dragging and dropping the plugins, it tends to zoom completely in rendering my experience to be a juxtaposition between some very nice closeups of the plugins I’m trying to put in and trying to zoom out again by double pressing the pedalboard background in a confusing cat and mouse chase that is akin to playing the game boy on the bus as a kid and developing car sickness.
Not all elements or cables are visible and I have to manually refresh / reload the board for the left-side inputs (sound and midi) to become visible. Functional wise on my end I have more luck editing a board in portrait mode as landscape mode forces the pedalboard to zoom way too much in.

No issues on editing parameters and knobs though.

If I already have a working pedalboard, using the tablet is a godsend though for the ability to have a visual feedback on my settings and parameters in a small form factor.
I think I’m the minority in regards of being a tablet user, but I’d love to hear if anyone else found ways to optimize their experience or if there’s any plans of working out the kinks in the future.


@DupeSupreme you inspired me to have another go with my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Active Tab 3) and I’ve realised that using the native pinch-zoom it is possible to navigate around the pedal board and then zoom out to view the settings. Not ideal but definitely useable.


Tested it on my Surface Pro 6 + Chrome:

  • Taps mostly work as click (sometimes need 2-3 attepmts) :+1:
  • can adjust controls my dragging up/down :+1:
  • pinch to zoom works, but zooms entire interface (also header, footer, detailed settings pages) :-1:
    • finger scrolling works in this case :+1:
  • zoom by (double)tapping works :+1:
    • but no finger scrolling :-1:
  • drag-n-drop to connect plugins doesn’t work :-1::-1::-1:
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this is a known problem and never got fixed for the surface - have the same problem with my pro 4.


Opened quite a while ago, only code format seemed to be a problem… @falkTX, any chance to see this merged soon?

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