Good footswitch for the MOD Duo

What footswitch do you recommend to use with the MOD Duo ?

I see some people using the Keith McMillen Softstep.

Any other recommendations ?

Right now I don’t really need any Volume Pedals (maybe it would be nice in the future). I just need 4 to 8 buttons to have more flexibility when using the MOD.

Hi brusch

The MOD has it’s own system and hardware for extra footswitches and expression pedals, it is reported the footswitches are in production but neither is available yet:

See here: Expression pedal + footswitch extender

I am also eagerly awaiting both items, in the meantime for playing at shows I have made a bunch of mini-pedalboards which can utilize the 2 footswitches on the MOD itself, Depending on how complicated your needs are this might be feasible. For now I simply scroll though the pedalboards with the left knob and click and load them for whatever the song requires.

Hi GMaq,

I didn’t back the MOD Duo on Kickstarter, so I couldn’t buy these. Does anybody know the price point for the footswitch ?

I am planning on using the looper and some effects (at least for noodling around at home), so I could really use 4 foot switches. For some things I have in mind up to 8 footswitches could be used.

Maybe I am better off buying a pretty cheap MIDI footswitch and then update it when I need to (and when the MOD footswitches are ready).


The footswitches are indeed in production, but not for sale yet.

In the meantime, you could go for a Keith McMillen Softstep, or perhaps a Behringer FCB1010.

I believe @Mariva has some experience in using the Behringer with the Mod Duo. I think he is using the EurekProm chip in his Behringer for extra programming possibilities though.


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Hi @brusch !!
Thanks for the reference @jesse !

Yes, I´v been using FCB1010 for a long time (with my Avid 11 Rack), and now, it´s really usefull to work with the ModDuo, while I´m waiting for the Extended Footswitch and Expression Pedal from ModDevices… ;-).

My FCB1010 has an EurekaProm 3.2 chip, that is a really helpfull and great enhancement to control all the things (because has a lot and diffrent configs)…and, I can tell you, the MIDI learn of Mod it´s an awsome feature, and works really fine with it!

The only “issue” (I don´t know if it´s an issue, or not…) that I had, was, at the first time that I´d tried to connect, the MOD did not recognize any MIDI control when I´m using only MIDI cable direct (MIDI OUT of FCB x MIDI IN of MOD).
I needed to use a Ediroll (or any MIDI x USB), to connect MIDI x USB at the first connection to the MOD .
After that, I can use it only the MIDI cable, that works great.

The 2 expression pedals works fine and control any parameter that could be mapped (Wahs, Gain, etc…).
And you can map any other CC# to a various parameters of the plug ins.
The Program Change works great too.
All depends of what config you are using in the FCB.

If you need some help or some tips, just ask.


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I’ve been using the Softstep (v1 and now v2) almost since v1 first came out. I’m a huge fan, and am really enjoying incorporating it into my MOD Duo programming… There’s a ton of stuff it can do that’ll prove useful/usable on the Duo, and its versatility means it should keep up with developments in the MOD for quite a few years to come… :wink:

I have the SoftStep (V1) and very happy that I have it but I do prefer the hard switch and looking forward to the extension footswitch to come out.

My Mod Duo arrived last week :slight_smile: I have an FCB1010 with the Uno chip, and a USB MIDI cable converter. Hoping to test them together very soon!

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I can recommend the very inexpensive ActitioN 4 button USB MIDI controller,
$39 + transport on eBay
very easy to set up w/Mod Duo, pretty much plug & play.
They have several versions, some more suited for stage use…
I bought the cheapest one… :slight_smile:

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I use a Microdesignum MIDI Grande, not with the MOD Duo, but with the Kemper. Built like a tank, reliable, flexible and good value for money.

I use the PEAK fcb8n midi controller to great success :slight_smile:

+1 on the Microdesignum MIDI Grande
It is a great MIDI pedal, capable of many things,
even powered by MIDI, though I don’t think the Mod Duo has got that (yet…?)…

  • I’ve been using a MIDI Grande 5F1D with my Amplifire,
    wonderful MIDI pedal, love all the different colored lights… ! :slight_smile:

check it out here:

Great service, Robert is really into developing his pedals,
if you have any constructive ideas I’m sure he’d be thrilled… :slight_smile:

There’s also the JomLabs Vlt1 - truly a great MIDI pedal.
I’ve been using it with Eventide H9’s - design & technology is superb;
you can set it up it with your Android phone; (still not IOS, though…)
and it’s phantom powered via MIDI

check it out here:

i got a 2nd hand disasterarea DMC-4 gen 2, wouldn’t particularly recommend it for the mod duo. the gen 3 can be set up to do configurable toggles properly, but the gen 2 is really limited in what you can set the buttons up for.

i hacked together an LV2 plugin for personal use that lets me map note presses to bypass switching but it’s a pain in the ass.

There’s also this one, looks good…

  • just ordered one, I’ll give it a review:

The iCtrl-R mini MIDI-USB pocket size controller

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Here’s another option that looks promising: Morningstar MC6;

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Wow. This looks like a great pedal. It looks like it has built in midi clock which is something I’ve been looking for. (I have a very specific requirement…)

I’m going to look into this a bit more…

You can find out more about it, and about the builder, from this thread:

( i’m not affiliated in any way: just an interested bystander.)

Would a midi-to-usb adapter work?

Such as this for example?ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1487509155&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=usb+midi+interface&dpPl=1&dpID=41JzoEWrN3L&ref=plSrch

I have an old zoom 9095 midi pedalboard I’d like to use.

That should probably work. I usually get the cheapo chinese ones which I’ve had be hit and miss, but I’ve used a similar usb->midi adapter for my FCB1010 and its plug and play on MOD (or desktop).