Gen~ and rnbo~ plugin builder

Hey everyone! I just added rnbo~ support to modgen plugin builder:

It supports audio in/out, midi in/out and cv in/out. I have only tried it with some simple rnbo~ patches but everything looks ok so far.


beauty… this is excellent @christosku !


Thank you! :blush:

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wait, how can it support RNBO stuff? isnt that a new language or thing altogether…? or are you saying the RNBO is basically a reskinned gen~ or something…?

EDIT: just saw you created GitHub - christosku/max-rnbo-plugins nice stuff!
so it is not the same at all, you just have a way to build for both gen and rnbo

on a personal note, the rnbo license makes it so that I wont use it for any real plugins. not owning your own stuff is quite “meh” in my opinion.


It looks similar to me! You can have gen~ subpatches inside rnbo, but it can also handle midi (so it’s easy to create synths), generate midi, etc. It’s like an alternative to max, and it has most of the max/msp objects.

When you export it it gives a cpp file, a folder with the rnbo library and some json files (I parse one of them to get info about the inputs and outputs).

In order to make it work I had to hack your max-gen-plugins. Probably not in the best possible way, but it can be improved in the future.

I also had to switch into bootstrapping and using modduox-new and moddwarf-new, otherwise things wouldn’t compile…

So far I have created an audio, midi and CV passthrough device, just to check that things are working, a simple envelope follower that gets audio in and outputs cv, compiled one of the rnbo synth examples (midi in to audio out), created a random note generator and also compiled some of the rnbo guitar plugin examples (a shimmer reverb and an octaver). All of them work so far!


I believe they have adapted the license (after I was complaining to them for a while hehe) to be GPL compatible.

Indeed the generated code still reads as being copyrighted by them, however the internal library is afaik MIT licensed and the specific user code can be GPL if one chooses that.


very interesting, so there are no more issues license-wise and the plugin stuff works already, nice to see.
we just need them to release MAX for Linux now :grin:

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Nah, I’ll just stick to Pure Data :wink:

(really don’t want to pay 20eu/month to be able to create plugins using a proprietary software)

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The builder is now online and accessible using
faust and max-gen builders are fully implemented, puredata (based on hvcc) is a work in progress but already works for simple all-in-one puredata patches.

Note that the online builder requires a MOD unit running the latest 1.13.3 release and connected to the PC via USB.

Need to write a little bit of documentation for it now, but hopefully it is self-explanatory too.

For the more technically minded, the code for it is at GitHub - moddevices/mod-cloud-builder.
Contributions welcome, specially regarding supporting new types of builds


Side-Topically, the new Ableton Push runs it’s altered Ableton natively in a Linux environment so… it could happen!

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from what I heard Ableton already has a native Linux version of their full thing, it is just not released due to support and sales (as in, high level of support and the low number of potential sales).

there are likely many in a similar position, but slowly that situation is changing.

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I tend to request Linux support from many companies, and recently I got a reply from one that they do most of their development and testing on Linux even, but are still unsure if they will release the official products (plugins in this case) on Linux.


Hey just out of curiosity, will there be a rnbo builder as well?

Eventually that is the plan yes, someone from the community already has some early test code for it too

Ok thanks, sounds great!