Feature request: Assign footswitches to multiple actions

Sometimes, it would be really useful to have a single footswitch control multiple pedals. Footswitches are a limited resource on the mod duo, even with the extension pedal and I often find there are things that I would expect to be able to do with a single switch that actually take up multiple switches.

For example:

Controlling mono pedals in a stereo setup

e.g. the new cab sims are only mono, so you have to run two in parallel for a stereo setup, but then you can’t turn them on or off in a single press.

Turning on two pedals at once

e.g. sometimes there’s a delay and a reverb that I’d only use together, it would be nice to be able to toggle them with one switch. (you can use the switch-box for this to re-route the signal, but then you hit the mono/stereo problem above, and the pedals have to be in a single block)

Toggling between two pedals

e.g. an overdrive and a fuzz. (again, this can sometimes be solved by the switch box if they are in the same place in the signal chain)

Some of this can be solved with presets. The problem I have with doing this is that when I’m using the duo in a live situation, I have various parameters that I tweak during soundcheck (mainly eq). Switching presets will override these changes so I tend to use a single preset and stick to toggling pedals on and off.


So, there’s an interesting line in the source for the footswitch firmware:

What does actuator_config.max_assignments actually do? Can I simply recompile my footswitch firmware with that set to 4?

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I second that request. It would greatly increase the setup possibilities, and at the moment it is the only missing feature that prevents me from using the Duo on stage. If I can get some guidnance for the devs, I would be happy to help implementing this.


yes… this, along with the ability to assign one MIDI CC message to multiple plugin parameters, have been long-standing requests from a number of us!


Hi @falkTX (thinking you might know something :smiley: )
I was wondering, is it something on the roadmap, or is it technically an issue ?


well, it was not originally designed to allow more than one assignment in a footswitch.
To move past this, we either make the foots handle more than 1 assignment (turning everything on or off at once), or go with the virtual assignments idea.

@jesse is your guy when you want to do these kinda requests :slight_smile:
So let’s hear what he has to say…


I am also interested in this concept, and glad to see it being discussed. I would love it if the Mod Duo X buttons themselves could also be assigned to multiple pedals. The Line 6 HX works this way and it makes it easy to switch complex set ups around.


Any progress on this? Would be really usefull to use one footswitch for multiple actions!


No progress on this yet.

I recently started on some more complex setups and I assigned the footswitch to the on/off of a CV unit. I assigned the CV output a name, which in turn can be assigned as a CV input to all sorts of parameters.

This might be a workaround, albeit a complicated one. So more than one assignment of any input parameter would be great. This would mean to have some kind of routing overview where I can see all sinks assigned to the parameter source (eg. button).


Exactly! That is the workaround that we have for now. Yet, I admit that not so clean.


I just placed a new feature request, which might also resolve this one here:


It is not always functional.
I tried this to assign a midi controller to two frequency parameters of two mono filters (Left and Right)
And it works but it does not have a good result , the frequency jumps at low values to fast in this solution.
So it’s not workable in this case

Better would be to be able to assign midi ctrl / device knob to multiple parameters on the pedal.
This would solve all the problems for al the modules

now it only works wit cv controllable modules