Dwarf stopped suddenly

hello, yesterday I had a serious problem with the dwarf, the pedal was working fine and suddenly it stopped giving a signal, I turned it off, it worked again and suddenly it stopped emitting sound, what could it be? I tried it many times and it’s still the same, it worked perfectly and in the middle of the song it stopped playing…

Too hot ?

Thanks for answer, no, we practise in a room with a perfect temperature…

is it with a pedalboard in specific? perhaps a plugin crashing.
can be confirmed if that is the case when the device controls still work in this state.
on such cases (re)loading the pedalboard via web gui (so it needs a PC nearby) will reload the pedalboard in case of an audio host/plugin crash.

if you can please share the pedalboard you use, can be hidden and sent to me via direct message in case you dont want it public.
I can do some checks with a dwarf and check for any potential problems.

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Hi, i change between diferent pedalboards and the problem was the same, the last week the ip it was inpossible to charge in my mac book pro in safari, finally when it charge said me that there are a bug in one pedalboard, maybe i send u these concret pedalboard…what s the best way to share these pedalboard?

I m using a beta pluguin for preamp, with the shure 58 channel 2 but i never had problems and i made a live concert two weeks ago without any issue…and a lot of practises too…

with the “hide pedalboard from public feed” checkbox checked, you’ll get a URL that you can post here and we can access it.

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Hi, any solution?

not yet, I am currently investigating another issue on Dwarf units that is serious enough to need another 1.13.x bugfix release.

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So I did a few tests and at least plugin-wise I could not find an issue directly, only partially with the cabinet loader but could be related to how I did my tests.
Regardless I think it is worth a try to switch away from the cabsim loader to the new cabinet loader, see MOD Cabinet Loader for the discussion around this new plugin.