Dwarf reboot

End of November fulfillment?? Where are we on that?


We have procured all the necessary material. Both the missing key parts for the MOD Dwarf manufacturing as well as all accessories. I’m glad we could also get enough of a preferred PSU type in time, which is proven in our labs to work well with the latest design.

Some things took 1-2 weeks longer to get here as forecasted, even though there were buffers in the plan. After one-off hurdles we are now able to import ourselves again. Dwarf production started last week. Initial output was underwhelming, as there is still a transition from non-MOD projects in the factory going on. Yet we had 100% first pass yield on our internal final QC for the first shipments. Which is very reassuring, as troubleshooting time easily breaks any production planning. I just got confirmation from the contractor that the batch shall be finished in 2 weeks, as they switch to full focus on MOD. This would allow us to fulfill everyone who opted in for the 150€ offer before Christmas.

Our internal QC and fulfillment is also fully set up and we are already fulfilling B2B orders. It may feel weird for you again that we prioritize this, but it’s essential for the reboot that we get back to the shelves and catch a bit of the strong sales season still. It’s also limited to strategic key accounts who are literally pulling at the moment. Next week the production will switch to Founders Edition and this will dominate the rest of the year.


This is fantastic news. I can’t imagine all the effort that has gone in to this and I look forward to your future.


Thanks for the good news!!
Do you know WHEN there will sent the mail for request 150 euro?
Do you know HOW we’ll pay it?

Thanks again


We will only send requests once there are QC passed Founders Edition units ready for immediate shipment. Starting in around 10 days.

Payment is like with Plugins, as we use the same checkout. So basically all major credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, plus some local options.


Brilliant. Sounds good. :+1:


Wow, great news!!! Would it be too much to ask for everyone to sign my Mod Dwarf founders edition? I feel honored to be part of the company’s next stage and would love to have something to commemorate this next stage!


That sounds really nice from you @JEL, although I feel that it may be hard to do.
Indeed we are a small team, but there are still a few working fully remotely and in different countries…so “everyone” would be difficult


Okay, I’ll settle for anyone in the office! Would that be possible?


I was on the FOUNDERS EDITION tier, but for finantial reasons i couldn’t opt for the 150euros option. I understand that I still will get my unit once all other units have been dispatched being the last of the queue. My question is if I will get a Founders or normal unit? Thanks and congrats for the reboot.


‘Switching to founders edition’
How does it work for those on tier 2 that didn’t get their units but opted into the 150 euro first shipping?


@danimourinho and @Thebias, the plan is that from now on all backers will be founders edition. That said, for those particular cases from tier 2 that we didn’t manage to fulfill, we will consider them by all means as tier 3.


Thanks for the clarification, it’s been a little confusing on my side. So I also guess that this means those people in tier 2 willing to pay the extra 150 euros are not being shipped out first and we are effectively back in the queue again for when units are ready? Or perhaps that is a moot point as there will be enough units to cover everyone that has shown interest in the first shipment?

The queue management is meant to be now in a “first come first serve” way as was mentioned before meaning mostly 2 things:

  • the first processing of the payment will be the first being fulfilled;
  • we won’t request the payments and ofizialize the transactions without having devices to cover up that in-house and in stock (we won’t start the process with promises from the factory or offer more devices that the ones that we have on the shelf)

So to a certain extent, you are right and the missing ones from tier 2 are “back to the queue”, yet the difference is that now you sort of have the power to set your place in the queue.
Ultimately, due to the set of rules that we put on ourselves (especially those related to just asking for payment for the number of devices that we have), I would say that if you pay some hours later than other backers that won’t make any difference at all since the process of fulfillment and pickup by the transporting company is done in batches.

Hope that it clears your doubts. Please let me know if it doesn’t.

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Thanks Jon, I think I’ve got it now.
I’ll be ready for the email to make the payment but not stressing about missing out.


Hi, in case this is not intended, in Dwarf – MOD Audio website the “buy now” button sends the user to a press release from 2020 with broken images.

I was in shopping mode a few days ago, landing on this website for the first time, and I was very confused about this. :slight_smile:

(Same for the Duo X.)


Welcome to the forum, @icaria36.

Mod recently changed its domain and a few things are probably broken. Thanks for letting them know.

If you’re interested in the Mod Dwarf, please check the resellers page. The price there is the same (or you can get a discount at times). They are now in stock.

The Duo X is not available right now due to scarcity of parts. You can find used ones for sale on eBay and Reverb.


Thank you, @QuestionMarc. Slightly off-topic but still related to the “reboot”, UI – MOD Audio website contains a “try it out” button that links to https://try.moddevices.com/ and should point to https://try.mod.audio instead.


Thanks for looking into that, @icaria36.

Let’s ping @jon (the nice chap at customer service) and @falkTX (genius developer). They can take it from there.

If you have pre-purchase questions, ask here in the forum or write to support@mod.audio for more. Joao was great help before I acquired my Mod.

Good luck.


Thanks for the reports @icaria36 and for the great follow-up on the issue @QuestionMarc :slight_smile:
We are already on top to fix the broken links.

P.S.: welcome to the forum @icaria36! As far as I understand you are not (yet) a MOD user…I hope that changes soon :wink: Feel free to ask around for any doubts you may have